Let’s all give a big, awesome shout out for Dan “Dano” Santos in Livermore. Dano had a birthday in January, but by the time I caught onto it, it was too late for the January column. Dano is the past president of the Too Much Fun Club. Way to go, Dano! For the uninitiated, the Too Much Fun Club was founded over 36 years ago by eight guys at the Sturgis rally. I guess too many people (make it Harley riders) like to have too much fun because the club is now nationwide with over 200 members. There are even chapters in Australia and Sweden. Dano, I am sorry to have missed you in January, but I hope you had a terrific birthday, and all the best to you in 2017!… Happy birthday to all riders who celebrate in February. Happy birthday to IHR member Sandi Long in Pocatello, Idaho. Sandi, is it just me, or is this not the coldest winter ever? I wonder whether you and Will are getting in much saddle time. Happy birthday to Diana Rohrer in Sacramento and to Keri Clements in El Sobrante. Keri was the director of the Napa Solano H.O.G. chapter when we met. In fact, she was elected by the membership many times because she was such a positive leader. Keri, I miss seeing you in this area, but I understand that Vacaville is quite a distance from El Sobrante. Just know that your friends miss you. Happy birthday to Mike Golden, Dennis Heekin and Walt Nagle; they rode together in the old Santa Cruz H.O.G. chapter. Mike, I am going to tell about your adventure at the beach. Mike is the only person I know of who tried to ride his Harley on the beach. Didn’t get past the sand, did you, Mike? Yes, this was long ago, and yes, Mike got the “broken spoke” award that month. In San Jose, happy birthday to Frank Calabro and Ed Martinez. Happy birthday to Linda and Ernie Vasquez in Coarsegold. Linda and Ernie were a very popular couple in Solano County. Linda is another person who was elected for several terms as director of the Napa Solano H.O.G. chapter. As with Keri, your friends miss seeing you in this area since you have moved to Coarsegold. Happy birthday to Bobbie Jo Hurst and Dodie Dillon in Vacaville. Dodie, I was told that you have retired, sold your house and moved out of the area. Please be sure to give me your new address. I don’t want to lose touch with you. Happy birthday to Jim Snawder of the former VN Vets, Freedom Chapter. Happy birthday to Kathy Statham in Spearfish, South Dakota. Kathy, if anyone is colder than Sandi and Will in Pocatello, it will have to be you and Jim in Spearfish. You are probably not getting much riding in, huh? Happy birthday to Peter Donovan of the Intermountain H.O.G. chapter in Boise, Idaho. Oh, Peter, Jack and I rode through Boise last August. Something huge was burning because the smoke stung our eyes for miles. Bummer. Happy birthday to Beci Ladson Vigil of the former Santa Cruz H.O.G. In Santa Nella, happy birthday to members of the Hot Chocolate Gang: Arnold Cain, Wayne Harrison and Dave Heppner. Arnold, I am sorry I missed your call. I am not sure why, but I couldn’t understand who you were talking about on the message you left. If you call back, will you please spell his name? Thanks. Oh, by the way, you said that you weren’t sure whether I had received your text. If you sent a text to the number shown with this column, I did not get it for sure. This number is a land line only. Happy birthday to Jack Munoz, my special someone. Happy Valentine’s, Jack. Happy birthday to co-manager of Jamestown Harley-Davidson Allen Aldridge, and happy birthday to celebrity riders John Travolta, Peter Fonda and Travis Tritt… For the record: I mentioned the Napa Solano H.O.G. chapter. That was their name when the dealership was located in Fairfield. The dealership has grown and moved to Vacaville. The new owners have renamed the H.O.G. chapter the Iron Steed H.O.G. It is a nice dealership. Stop by and visit when you are in the area… I am a world traveler only in my dreams. Sure, I have ridden all over the continental United States, but the only foreign country I have ridden through is Canada. It was such fun. The roads were nice, and people were friendly. The only differences from home that we saw were that speed limits are posted in kilometers, and money is different. I have visited Mexico, but I did not see a single motorcycle. I have visited Paris, and again, there were tons of scooters but no motorcycles. My friends Patty and Chuck Brassfield rode through Italy. Patty said that once they were past Florence, the trip was wonderful. Chuck said that riding through Florence was a nightmare, and he wouldn’t even drive a car there. Then there are Bob and Mardi Moore. I know that they have ridden in Mexico, but all I recall from their adventure is something about a lot of mud. I am hoping to get these friends to tell us about their travels in foreign countries. But we will have to wait to see how that goes. How about you? If you have ridden or observed motorcycles in foreign countries, share your experiences. Send me your stories. I am really anxious to be an armchair traveler.


  1. Dan Dano Santos isn’t and never has been a member of the Too Much Fun Club. I believe that you may have made a mistake as Our past President and Founder, just had a birthday and his name is Fritz Klingler. I felt that it was necessary to bring this to you attention as several of my members who read your article brought this to my attention. We all make mistakes and it’s just part of who we are. Again not a big deal! Hope you are staying dry and watch out for pot holes. Brian Smith President Too Much Fun Club


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