Joe Chivaro is vice president of Chapter 30 of the Wind & Fire MC in Sacramento. He wants to get the word out that Chapter 30 has been reorganized and is active. All Harley-riding Sacramento-area firefighters who want more information on joining the chapter, visit the website at or contact Joe directly at… Wow! ABATE Local 17 and Iron Steed H-D had over-the-top success with Hot Rods & Harleys held at the dealership in Vacaville. It was the 17th annual American Hot Rod and 20th annual Ride In Motorcycle Show. When we got there, it was already a challenge to find a spot to park a motorcycle. Harleys were lined up by the hundreds, the music was jumping and the beer was cold. There were countless vendors, amazing hot rods and beautiful motorcycles. Every year it just gets better and better… Picking up from last month, let’s take a look at the Weasels. By their own definition, “The Weasels are a Society of Temporarily Useless, Pissed Idiots and Drunks (STUPID).” The whole idea of Weasels was concocted in 1993 or 1994 by a group of a dozen or so writers sitting around drinking in a bar in Agoura Hills, California. They wanted to create a society of riders who “by their very nature, have no money, ride shitty bikes, drink cheap beer, and only wanna have fun that doesn’t cost a lot of money.” It was a response to bikers who have a lot of money and ride expensive, chromed-up motorcycles. It was actually a joke and membership was intended only for those present, but somehow word got out and groups started requesting the right to form their own “Weasel Societies.” The founders said, “What the hell, go forth and be Weasels.” Today there are Weasel Societies in at least 26 states including Hawaii, as well as in New Zealand and Norway. For more information and a fun read, look them up at… Well, you learn something new every day. If you visit a veterans’ cemetery, you are likely to see coins left on tops of tombstones. This is a practice that can be found as long ago as the Roman Empire, but became common in the United States during the Vietnam War. It is meant as a message to the veteran’s family. A penny simply means that you visited the grave and paid respects. A nickel means that you and the deceased trained together in boot camp. A dime signifies that you served together, and a quarter means that you were with the soldier when he died. The coins are periodically collected and used to pay for upkeep of the cemetery or the burial costs for an indigent veteran. And, speaking of veterans’ cemeteries, you can support the Rough Riders MC by attending their 11th annual Ceasefire Veterans Benefit Run on Saturday, July 12. The Rough Riders use the proceeds to benefit Yountville Veterans Hospital and Cemetery. Sign in at Iron Steed H-D in Vacaville between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. The club also needs donations to purchase wreaths to place on tombstones in December. For more information contact or call 707.718.2532… I suppose everyone has been to an event or ride designed to support a charity. It is a good thing to support national and local charities, but nothing else will warm your heart like a very personal charity. This is the second year that the Buckhorn Bar & Grill in Dixon has organized a fundraiser for a local person battling cancer. Twice now, owners Tonica Hunter and Rich Lavalle have gathered resources and hosted a “Cancer Sucks” motorcycle run for someone they knew. This year, the event was held for Sharon Kahoalii, the mother of one of Tonica’s girlfriends. Sharon was at the party, and even though this is a tough time for her, she had as much fun as anyone with the raffles and friendships. It was a very good day… Happy birthday to all bikers who celebrate in July. Happy birthday to Modesto H.O.G. members Mike Rampoldi and Sue Chimerofsky. Thank you, Sue, for the newsletters. Happy birthday to John Holm in Mt. Diablo H.O.G., Jenny McDonald from Iron Steed H.O.G., in Santa Cruz to Jeannie Atwater, Wende Fletcher and Theresa Snider, and to Sammy Kain of Kain’s Tattooz in Scotts Valley. Happy birthday to my good friend James “Ole” Olson in Texas. Happy birthday to celebrity riders Charlie Brechtel, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Toby Keith, Harrison Ford and Geraldo Rivera.


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