If you want to take a nice ride here in Northern California, take the Garden Highway from Sacramento heading north. This is what Jack and I recently did. When you go, be sure to stop in at Nicolaus Tavern in Nicolaus, where you’ll meet the nicest people. The first person I met was Don Flack from Sacramento. Don was having a really hard day. Don’s wife, Delores, had passed away only a week before and he was hurting. Don and Delores had been married 41 years, and she always rode behind him. I saw some Sons of California MC patches and just had to go over and talk to them. “Happy” and “Cisco” are members of the Gold Country Sons out of Auburn. It was terrific seeing the patches since I know some members of the Del Mar club. We had stumbled into a poker run stop, so I went over to the card table and met “Dog Patch,” “Bones,” “Tuco” and “Prospect,” all members of the Marines MC from Marysville. Then I met Rose! Rose Aguilar was so bubbly that she spread happiness all around her. She liked the looks of my tomato beer, so she had to have one. From now on, every time I have a tomato beer I will think of Rose. A short while later, Rose introduced me to her husband, “Yogi.” Yogi is a member of the Misplaced Souls MC in Sacramento, and he seemed to be a really nice guy. Anita Rodgers was there from Antelope with her daughter, Chiara. Chiara is now 10, but she has been riding with Mom since she was 3 years old. Today, they were riding together on a custom trike built to Anita’s specifications by Bob the Builder in Antelope. Bob is sick, but still building and can be reached at 916.203.6138. Then I met some riders from the West Coast O.G. Riderz MC out of Sacramento. “Full House,” their secretary, told me that the O.G. stands for One God, and the SRFFSR on their vests is “Sober Riders Forever Forever Sober Riders.” It was fun talking with Full House, and he was feeling good on this beautiful day for riding. Full House then came over with his president, “G Bear.” G Bear, I am so glad I got to meet you. Thank you for all the compliments about this column. I am flattered to hear that you read it each month… We left Nicolaus Tavern with reluctance, but eager to see more of the Garden Highway. Our next stop was at Guidera’s Harley-Davidson on Onstott Road in Yuba City. Their motto is, “It’s a kick in the Buttes,” and it is, too! We met Cliff as we paid for a couple of shirts, and he introduced us to Jim Guidera. We had a nice visit and hung out for a while before heading to Chico… Ron Hall, owner of Hall’s H-D in Chico, is my favorite Harley dealership owner. If you haven’t met him, do so, and you will see why I like him so much. Ron is a friendly, happy-go-lucky guy, and he takes the time to make everyone feel welcome–it comes naturally to him. Ron has owned the Chico H-D dealership for well over 30 years, and he started one of the first H.O.G. chapters in California. I first met Ron in April of 2002 when I rode to Chico to cover a fundraiser he and his H.O.G. chapter were sponsoring. It was there that I also met Georgia Alvarez, the founder of Wings of Eagles. Georgia began Wings of Eagles in memory of her son, Joseph, and she raises money to help families with seriously ill children. Joseph was only 9 years old when he died from a very rare form of leukemia. Georgia met the Chico H.O.G. director who introduced her to Ron, and the rest, as they say, is history. Ron and Georgia have formed a tireless alliance. So, when Jack and I found out that they were having their 6th annual Chili Cook-Off, we could not pass up this chance to go and see them. As we arrived, the cook-off was in its final rounds and there were smiles and laughter everywhere. We had such a good time. If you didn’t make it to the Chili Cook-Off, don’t fret. The 4th annual Hot Wings Cook-Off is scheduled for June 22, and the 5th annual Rib Cook-Off is scheduled for September 21. Go! You will be in for some good eating, live music and a lot of fun. Ron’s dealership is on Mangrove Avenue, and he really knows how to throw a good party. For more information, call the dealership at 530.893.1918… Happy birthday to all Harley riders who celebrate in June. Happy birthday to IHR members Rod Colman in Hollister and Ed Linderman in Shingle Springs. Happy birthday to H.O.G. members in Santa Cruz: Everett Downs, Adam Kraten, Amy DeNero, Russ Nagle and Teresa Pellemeier. Happy birthday to Robert Kishi of Stockton H.O.G., Pam Hensley of NorthCoast H.O.G. in Ferndale, David Moreno of San Gabriel Valley H.O.G. in Diamond Bar, Les “Raptor” Winkler of Solano County Marines MC and to Barbara and Barron Sundancer in Vacaville. Happy birthday to that Hot Chocolate Gang member Jim Greer in Santa Nella… Here is a great big shout out for Dave “Hammer” Rowen from “yer fren” Forest “Trees” Linderman in Watsonville and me. Dave, what are you doing in Paso Robles? I thought you were still in Sacramento, until Trees set me straight. Well, what the hey?


  1. Very nice story. Glad you experienced Ron Hall and how he is a person that will make u feel at home. I know that feeling also.


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