I do hope all of you in my e-mail address book realized that I got hacked and did not open the attachment. Forgive the tongue-in-cheek, but this really “hacked” me off. Grrr!… Get-well wishes go to Samuel Martinez in San Jose. As he was riding home on the back roads from the Hollister Bike Blessing, he was stung by a bee. It took a few miles to find a safe place to pull over so he could get the stinger out. The next morning, he woke up to a face so swollen his eye was closed. It took strong antibiotics, Benadryl, Vicodin and bed rest for three days to get somewhat back to normal… Happy birthday to all you motorcycle riders who celebrate in June. Happy birthday to IHR members Ed Linderman in Shingle Springs and Rod Colman in Hollister. In Santa Cruz, happy birthday to Everett Downs, Adam Kraten, Russ Nagle and Teresa Pellemeier. Happy birthday to Robert Kishi in the Stockton H.O.G., Amy DeNero in the Monterey Bay H.O.G.-Santa Cruz, Pam Hensley in the North Coast H.O.G. in Ferndale and David Moreno in the San Gabriel Valley H.O.G. in Diamond Bar. Happy birthday to Barbara and Barron Sundancer in Vacaville, to Les “Raptor” Winkler in the Solano County Marines MC and to Jim Greer in the Hot Chocolate Gang in Santa Nella… I am sure you have seen or heard the news about women bikers protesting the San Francisco Police Department and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. This was none other than the Devil Dolls MC. From what I understand, the authorities banned the Devil Dolls from having their 15th Anniversary party at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club. I am not sure how the Public Utilities Commission got involved in this situation, but I think the SFPD tripped over its own feet. Devil Dolls President Theresa “TREXXX” Foglio said that her club had booked the place back in December with a $500 deposit, and she was shocked when the gun club returned the deposit in mid-April; their party was to be held approximately one week hence. Timing is everything when planning a big event such as this, but the party went on anyway. The Bay Riders MC offered their clubhouse, and the event was moved there. My question is: Why did the police wait so long before ordering the cancellation? Methinks it stinks of harassment… The Rough Riders MC is a great bunch of guys. One of the most admirable projects that they have taken on is the upkeep of the Yountville Veterans Home cemetery, which is about 50 miles from their clubhouse. While I am not much on visiting cemeteries, I have been to the one in Yountville. The home was opened in 1884, and United States history is carved into the tombstones. Some tombstones mark the graves of veterans who served in the Indian Wars, the Spanish/American War and the Civil War. For years now, the Rough Riders MC has worked to keep the cemetery clean and to honor the veterans buried there. This year, they are asking for help. The club has set a goal of adorning each tombstone with a wreath in December, and there are 5,700 of them. All of us can help by making a tax-exempt donation. Mail checks to the clubhouse at 420 N. Jackson, Suite C, Dixon, CA 95620 (write “wreaths” in the memo line), online go to www.fundraise.com and enter “Wreaths for Yountville” or contact wreathsforyountville@aol.com… Are you a turtle? Do you remember this club? Well, here is another one. Are you a weasel? The answer is: If you think you are, you are probably right. The Weasels are such fun. It is not a club, but more of a society. It is made up of a bunch of drinkers with a motorcycle problem. By their own words, “The Weasels are a Society of Temporarily Useless, Pissed Idiots and Drunks (S.T.U.P.I.D.).” Here are the rules: 1.) There are no rules. 2.) There are only those rules that are written on these pages. 3.) If other rules are deemed necessary for the future existence of the Weasels as a whole, refer to Rule Number 1. 4.) If Rule Number 1 does not apply; refer to Rule Number 2 or Number 4, unless Rule Number 3 suffices, in which case all other Rules are null and void. 5.) There is no Rule Number 5. Stay tuned next month for a closer look at this group.


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