Happy birthday to all motorsickle riders who celebrate in March. Happy birthday USMC MC members Teno “Rowdy” Cardoza and Rick “Hunter” Rush. Happy birthday to Sherri Smith Vonsild. Hey, Sherri. You and Ron will soon celebrate your second anniversary. Congratulations! In Solano County, several people will be celebrating a birthday. They are Lou DuPont in Suisun City, Terry Hurst in Vacaville, Mary Renolds of Iron Steed H.O.G. and Joe Owens in Fairfield. Hey, Terry. What are you and Bobbie Jo up to these days? We haven’t seen much of you. Happy birthday to Allen Clements in El Sobrante. Same message to you, Allen. We haven’t seen much of you and Keri lately. I guess it has been this nasty winter that is keeping everyone home. Happy birthday to David “Hammer” Rowen in Paso Robles. Dave, I hope you are still in Paso. You are a hard man to keep track of. Happy birthday to Norm Kelly in Hubbard, Oregon, and happy birthday to Peter Donovan of the Intermountain H.O.G. in Boise, Idaho. Happy birthday to celebrity riders Vince Vaughn and Eric Estrada… Get well wishes go to ABATE 17 member Cody Russell in Vacaville. Cody was in a very bad motorcycle accident on Friday the 13th in January. His injuries were severe and required multiple surgeries. You can see a picture of his poor swollen face and help him out with a donation on www.gofundme.com/California-kid… Linda Taylor Darville was a very nice woman. The first time I met her was at a H.O.G. Christmas party, and she was dressed in a floor-length red evening gown. She was beautiful. I went to her house on several Halloweens when she and Gary put on a costumed Halloween party. It was such fun. Some folks went all out. I remember the remarkable Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes that Mary Renolds made for her and her husband, Craig. I have many fond memories of Linda. I am a person who likes to linger over dinner and enjoy every bite. So, I was happy to discover that Linda, too, liked to enjoy her food. We were soul sisters on that topic. Yes, bad things happen to good people. Linda had cancer. She fought her way through it once. Then it came back. She lost the fight on the second go around. My sympathies go to her husband Gary, her family and her many friends. We will all miss her… I like riding in Arizona for many reasons. I like riding the desert, I like the old Route 66 memorabilia and I like the weather most of the time. But one of the main reasons I like riding in Arizona is that I can stop in Yuma or wherever I cross the state line and take the bucket off. Well, Arizona just had a near miss with a helmet law. Rep. Randall Friese introduced House Bill 2046 which would have imposed a mandatory helmet law for the state. Dang! Why is there always someone trying to impose a “good-for-you” law? How pompous! This guy was willing to inflict his will not only on Arizona riders but also on all of us who ride there to taste the freedom of riding without a helmet. Thank goodness for ABATE of Arizona. They organized riders to call and mail members of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure asking that they reject the bill. It worked! The committee voted unanimously against the bill. Whew! Had it been successful, this bill would have affected me personally. Thank you, ABATE of Arizona… Now is the time to sign up for ABATE 17’s Texas Hold ’Em Tournament. Sure, it is not going to go down until May 6, but the earlier you sign up, the more free chips you get for an early buy-in bonus. If you recall, I am not a poker player, but I have joined in for the past two years. And I won the tournament last year. That’s pretty good considering I still don’t know what beats what. I will play again this year, and I hope to see you there. For more information call Ron at 707.761.4058 or Glenn at 707.624.6310… How do you know when to say when? Let’s take a moment of silence for Patty Brassfield in Los Gatos. Patty has sold her bike. It is over. The last time Patty and I talked about the decision to quit riding, she said that she knows that she is not 100 percent anymore. She was weighing her options then. Now it has come to pass. Patty sent me a picture of her bike on a trailer leaving her house. For Patty, when to say when is now… This makes sense. Suppose you get a citation while riding your motorcycle. To keep a point off your driving record, you would have to go to traffic school. On September 24, 2016, Jerry Brown signed into law a bill proposed by Assemblyman Jay Obernolte that is more appropriate for bikers. In essence, this new provision gives you the option of taking an advanced motorcycle safety course in lieu of regular traffic school to avoid having a point on your driving record as a result of a citation.



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