Well, I finally have my sling off and don’t have to dictate articles anymore and, as you can see, I am an old windbag this month… President Vince Consiglio and ABATE of Michigan have fought the fight since 1976 and have finally won. Governor Dick “The Nerd” Snyder signed the bill to repeal the state’s helmet law. There are some stipulations: you have to be 21 or older, pass a motorcycle safety course or have an endorsement for at least two years and, in addition, carry at least $20,000 in medical insurance. According to Michigan law, officers may not stop a motorcycle operator for not wearing a helmet based on the mere possibility the operator or passenger may not be exempt from the requirement to wear a helmet. Progressive Insurance and AAA of Michigan have not yet determined how much $20,000 of medical should cost. We are now like all the other states without a helmet law in that every motorcycle accident report will mention whether or not the rider was wearing a helmet… I was wondering what happened to Million Mile Monday, as I couldn’t find any information on when it was going to be held. This year the Harley Owners Group announced that it is Million Mile Sunday/Monday, slated for June 24–25. Last year riders logged over 4,000,000 miles. It has been expanded to include Sunday so more riders can join the fun and raise the mileage total even higher. For more info on how to sign up, go to www.hog.com and look under “events”… Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, an avid motorcyclist and host of the annual Ride with the Governor, was asked by Business Week magazine to make a list of nine suggestions to consider when buying a motorcycle, and he certainly has a good sense of humor. Point four states: “Leave your wife at home. She is unlikely to appreciate the necessity of this purchase.” Or point nine: “Advance preparations might be needed. Line up a buddy’s garage in case you need to hide it from your wife while gathering up your courage.” Another was to refrain from drinking before purchasing a bike, but post-purchase drinking is recommended while working up the nerve to admit to point nine. He would make a real fine vice president, don’t you agree?… Have you ever thought about doing an Iron Butt ride? Here is your chance right here in the Midwest. The A.D. Farrow H.O.G. chapter is having two Iron Butt rides on July 21. Both rides will leave from the downtown Columbus, Ohio, dealership. One ride is 1,000 miles to Doc’s Harley-Davidson in St. Louis and leaves at 4:00 a.m., the other is a 1,500-mile ride to Atlanta-Morrow, Georgia, to Clayton County Harley-Davidson and leaves at 6:00 a.m. Contact Steve Rowley at srowley001@hotmail.com for further information… I am still in denial of names of some of the new generation’s bands, and sometimes I just LMAO. Now they have gone just too far. I thought “The Color Fred” was pretty cool, but a band from Lansing, Michigan, led by Ben Igrisan is called—are you ready for this?—Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome, and have released an album Whore Island. OK, what happened to names like Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Bad Company, or The Eagles? I give up; I’m getting too old… I wrote back in 2007 that after 60 years the Minnesota State Highway Patrol was back on the road riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They were pumped they had five troopers (biker dudes) and they were ready to ride. After a five-year stint, State Patrol Chief Col. Kevin Daly has decided to put the motorcycles up for auction. The reasons for pulling the motorcycle patrol were the increased training costs, concern for trooper safety, and—a drum roll, please—a lack of interest from troopers! That’s crazy! Who out there would not mind getting paid to ride a Harley?… Don Snider of Minnesota City, Minnesota, decided it was a great day to grill out on March 18 when the temperature hit 80 degrees. He hopped on his Harley to head to the store for a new drip pan for the grill. He stopped and looked both ways not once, not twice, but three times and proceeded to hit the gas. He never saw the Subaru Forester that broadsided his Harley at highway speed. When Don woke up on the pavement, he had a headache (he wasn’t wearing a helmet) and looked down to see how bad he was twisted up. His left boot was half off, but all of his toes were working, and he didn’t break a bone, he didn’t rupture any organs and he didn’t injure his brain. He walked out of the hospital less than 24 hours after the crash with sore bones, about 30 stitches and 40 staples in his head… Shadow Kendall (23) of Linton, Indiana, was arrested in the middle of the night when the 1992 Harley he was pushing down an alley in Linton fell over on him and he couldn’t get out from under the motorcycle. A local came to help him out and noticed that it was his neighbor’s motorcycle. He left Linton lying under the bike and called the police. When the police arrived Kendall told them he had permission to ride the motorcycle. The owner got his scoot back in the garage and Shadow was arrested for grand theft… That’s it for this month. It’s all about you, the Midwest biker. Please be careful out there! Ride fast, but ride safe.



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