What are the top five motorcycles that you think influenced Harley-Davidson the most? My choices are: 1) the VL in 1930; 2) the Knucklehead in 1936; 3) the 1972 FX Super Glide (thanks to Willie G.); 4) the Electra Glide and the 1969 Batwing Fairing; and 5) the 1984 Softail with the new frame and EVO engine… Brittany Ison, 20, of Cincinnati was traveling down I-75 in a heavy rainstorm when she hit 38-year-old Jason Claypool on his motorcycle. She stopped to help, but then panicked after she realized that Jason had died and she left the scene. Where did she go? She went to her job at Burger King worked a full shift and then called the police. She’s now going to the slammer for three years. If she would have stopped and called police she would have gotten six months… An officer on patrol in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin, heard a motorcycle doing burnouts in a parking ramp and investigated. He saw Dillon Heiller of Brownsville, Minnesota, swerve around two cars and speed away. The officer was now in hot pursuit at 57 mph and wasn’t gaining on him. Heiller missed a turn, hit the sidewalk and crashed. As the officer approached he climbed back on his scoot, unaware he was being followed, and took off again. On his next turn he crashed again. He hid behind a house and told the police he was just resting and knew nothing about the motorcycle. He claimed the cuts to his face, hands and elbows were from a fight. Heiller, 26, was arrested for a 0.136 BAC, fleeing police, reckless driving, second-offence DUI, operating without a driver’s license, and get this: driving on the sidewalk… Alfred (90) and Lois (89) Chartier of Sioux City, Iowa, are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this year. How did they meet? She fell in love with his blue 1942 Harley-Davidson first. She liked motorcycles and he just happened to have one. Six months later on August 21, 1942, they got married. Where did they go? Sturgis—but that year the rally was not officially held due to wartime gas rationing. They tried to get back there a few times over the years, but never made it… Wynonna Judd and husband Michael “Cactus” Moser were taking a ride on their Harleys in Sturgis when “Cactus,” who is the drummer in her band, crossed the centerline and sideswiped a car south of Hill City. He was airlifted to Rapid City Hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. He was also cited by the police for driving on the wrong side of the road and not having a license to operate a motorcycle. The driver of the car, Mike Bruce of Rapid City, was not injured… The 350,000 registered motorcyclists in Illinois can now buy personalized license plates for their favorite pro sports teams from Chicago. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, a former minor league baseball player in the Cubs organization, will make the new plates available for the Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks. Money from the sales is earmarked to support schools… Motor City H.O.G. Chapter 2368 raised $16,000 during their 8th annual Wounded American Ride to benefit wounded veterans. Every year the chapter selects a critically wounded Michigan veteran to support, and this year it was Sgt. Ben Eberly from Mio, Michigan, who was injured by an IED November 19, 2011. The run took them from Motor City Harley-Davidson to Michigan International Speedway where riders could ride the large oval for a $10 donation. Donations can be sent to Help for Our Disabled Troops, 43540 Six Mile Rd., Northville, MI 48168… Mitch Daniels hopped on his Harley and led over 700 motorcycles for the last time as governor of Indiana in the 8th annual Governor’s Ride. The annual ride is held to promote motorcycle safety and raise money for the Indiana National Guard Relief Fund, and has raised over $30,000. As I mentioned last month, Daniels has taken the job as president of Purdue University, a place where motorcycles aren’t welcomed with open arms… The week of August 20, 2012, marked the first time in over 10 years that Harley-Davidson held its annual dealers meeting in Milwaukee. Over 4,500 dealers and staff from more than 60 countries came home for the four-day meeting for the unveiling of the 110th Anniversary models, products and services… Norman “Justice” Vick, a former St. Louis police officer, has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for his involvement with the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club. He pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy charges. The gang distributed crack cocaine and heroin, committed robberies to raise money and are suspected in at least three murder cases… A freelance artist who created several Harley-Davidson logos between 1970 and 2000 is trying to sue The Motor Company for copyright infringement. A federal judge ruled that he could continue with his case. Wayne Peterson claims his “Live to Ride” created in 1985 and the Harley-Davidson University logo created in 1991 were a one-time run agreement. I am curious about why he waited so long, as well as if there is a statute of limitations on this issue… The 18th annual Tub Run hosted by Kutter Harley-Davidson in Janesville, Wisconsin, raised $130,000 for MDA. More than 1,200 motorcycles left Kutter and ended at Thresherman’s Park. Laura Niemeier led this year’s run in place of her late husband, Cal, who led the run for 17 years and died of ALS in April… Congratulations to Dave Zien and Ginger Lubach who were married this year in Sturgis on top of Crazy Horse Mountain. Zien is the former Wisconsin lawmaker who logged more than one million miles on his 1991 Sport Glide until The Motor Company offered him a trade deal he couldn’t refuse. He is not the first to be married at Crazy Horse; 10 years ago Tony and Vicki Sanfelipo of Milwaukee claimed that honor… That’s it for this month folks; it’s all about you, the Midwest biker. Ride fast, but ride safe.



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