Dust Bandit

Dust Bandit


Recently, I’ve begun seeing more and more women sporting fancy-looking bandannas as they shop, party, and do all the other things bikers do at Daytona, Laconia, and other rallies. It turns out these bandannas are the result of a mishap. The creator wrecked on his dirt bike and ended up covered with dust and crud, making him look like a dust bandit. To add insult to injury, he had difficulty removing the bandanna he was wearing because he’d broken some fingers in the crash and the knot defied his attempts to untie it. Later, he added a hook-and-loop fastener to the bandanna and got the idea for a new product: the Dust Bandit.

The product proved so popular for off-road use that the company introduced the Dust Bandit to the on-road population. It can be worn several different ways, for instance, as a face filter to protect the rider’s face and neck from dirt, bugs, and general road grime (this is the classic “bandit” look often seen in those areas where the desert rules the road). The Dust Bandit can be used as a sweatband with or without a helmet, and it can also be worn as a skullcap that can function as a helmet liner.

Velcro is used to attach the ends of the Dust Bandit, with the advantage that you can easily loosen or tighten it even while wearing gloves. It’s made of nonstretch cotton and is machine-washable, which means that you can soak it in cold water before wearing to cool you off during those 100-degree days in Sturgis. The Dust Bandit is available in many colors and designs (paisley, camo, flags, skulls, and other special patch patterns), with over 100 combinations available, including a unique handmade design, decorated with real Swarovski crystals for $49.95. The Dust Bandit is also available with fleece lining ($24.95) for colder riding temperatures.

The Dust Bandit is one-size-fits-all, made possible by the adjustable Velcro closure. That said, an extra-large size can be ordered for those guys who have to shop in the big-and-tall stores. It’s recommended to wash it a few times before wearing, and eventually, the owner claims the Dust Bandit will conform to your face if worn as a face filter. Whatever style you choose, it becomes more comfortable as it gets broken in.

Instructions and illustrations are sent with every Dust Bandit, and the satisfaction guarantee promises to accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Crystal Dust Bandits come with a one-year warranty on the crystal work. The company also accepts custom-made and private label orders.

Of all the functions that the Dust Bandit performs, I prefer to wear it as a skullcap to keep my hair tamed and provide some protection from the heat, or the cold when it’s chilly outside. It’s the perfect rally look, and those Swarovski crystals sure do sparkle in the sunlight!


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