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Rock and Roll Boots


I’d been contemplating getting a new pair of boots. My old clod-hoppers were extremely uncomfortable when walking, which meant I had to carry a pair of extra shoes in my backpack. Other boots I’d tried were all fashion. They wouldn’t grip the ground when I was backing up my bike and didn’t provide good protection.

The discomfort and the desire to lighten my load led me on a quest to find the perfect boot—one that is functional and comfortable. Then I heard about Rock and Roll Boots. According to their website, Rock and Roll Boots are designed specifically for women riders. Made of high-quality leather, they feature an oil-proof, skid-proof neoprene sole. Not only do they address my desires, they are cute.

When choosing a pair of boots from their website, you can opt for one of three toe types. They have round for regular to wide foot, pointed for a regular foot, and square for a narrow foot. All lace up the front to accommodate any size ankle and calf, and then zip up the side for easy on and off.

When ordering, give them your normal shoe size and they send you one boot in that size, along with another boot one size smaller. Manufactured in Spain, they tend to run big, and only have whole sizes. The boot that does not fit is then returned using a convenient UPS label. Once they receive the unwanted boot, they will ship you the mate to the chosen one.

I received my pair and immediately treated them with mink oil (they recommend treating every six months). After they dried, I slipped them on my feet and adjusted the laces. They were extremely comfortable. I had to try them out on my bike right away.

I was happily surprised by how well they grip the pavement. I also like the way they feel on my pegs. They don’t slip around and the heel is a comfortable size. (Currently all of their boots have two-inch heels. They plan to offer a one-inch heel in the future.) The tongue did slip out of place at first; however, after a couple of wearings, it no longer moves.

I recommend wearing a thin, knee-high sock with the boot. Its soft lining caused my leg to itch a bit. The boot is warm enough that I have not even contemplated putting on a thick sock. Rock and Roll Boots states that the lining wicks away moisture to keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Whatever the reason, the lining works.

My riding buddies and I decided to take a trip up Route 1 to San Francisco. The weather was beautiful in Santa Cruz, however, about an hour into the ride we hit rain. I looked in my mirror and saw that my buddy’s front light was out and pulled over. As the downpour got worse, we decided to turn back.

Despite the rain, my boots held up well, and my feet were perfectly dry. They use a patented Goodyear welt, so no wind or rain will blow through the seams. I can vouch for that.

The next day we hit Route 1 again. This time we made it to the city, rode through Golden Gate Park, and went for a walk to check out the musicians at Hippie Hill. This was my first chance to give them a real on-the-ground walking test. They were awesome! The leather is supple, the soles are not stiff and move with you (evidently that is part of the advantage of the Goodyear welt). The foot bed is lined with a soft composite material that forms to your foot and absorbs vibration. I was in heaven.

We rode more, walked more, and I made it home without a single blister! I feel confident that my feet are protected, the soles grip, and I get the bonuses of looking and feeling good. I have no problem wearing them at work, or at play. Something this hot shouldn’t be this comfortable. I love my new Rock and Roll Boots!


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