With touring bikes, the only limitation on travel is the minimal space you have to pack your necessities. When a Tour-Pak, saddlebags and bungee cords just aren’t enough, riders are opting for trailers to pull behind their bikes. N-Line trailers were designed by bikers with the biker in mind.

Dave Allbee, N-Line owner, became a dealer in 2002 and liked the product so much that he bought the company in 2006. The unique look is what sets them apart from conventional two-wheel motorcycle trailers. With one trailer wheel in line with the two wheels of your motorcycle, trailer and bike become one unit following the same path. If you swerve to miss something in the road, the trailer misses it, too. When you lean over in the curves, the trailer leans, too, without compromising the ride. The hitch is a solid mount, not your standard ball hitch. With the trailer attached, you can ride your normal scoot as aggressively as you like. The best part is you won’t know it is back there.

This trailer is made completely in the U.S.A. The fiberglass body and lid are mounted on a powder-coated steel frame, just like your motorcycle. The N-Line is 78″ long, 30″ wide and stands 27″ high. Inside dimensions are 42″ in length, 28″ in width and 21″ in height. It weighs 79 pounds empty, and its maximum recommended load weight is 100 lbs. A high-gloss, gel-coat finish comes standard in black or white and custom colors can be matched to your paint scheme easily, and the company can add pinstriping, logos or photos at an additional charge.

N-Line motorcycle trailer
N-Line Trailer

A 16″ aluminum five-spoke wheel attaches to the swingarm with suspension being handled by a progressive shock. The coil-over-shock design has two chambers, allowing a high damping ratio. This type of design forces the wheel down and makes the tire stick to the road, eliminating the wheel hop many other trailers experience. It will not bounce regardless of the road conditions. Standard features include LED lights, interior carpet in the box floor, chrome receiver, stainless and chrome hardware, locking lid with weather seal, lid safety catch, sealed bearings, four-wire trailer connector, gas lid shock and wiring and hitch installations. Optional features for the trailer include interior organizer, interior lid carpet, interior light, chrome swingarm and fender struts, cooler and rack, and a third LED brake light, to name a few.

My good friend Kenny bought one this summer after doing a lot of research. He was all but sold when we came upon a Road King with one attached out in Colorado last year. The owner raved about it, and what better review than one from a satisfied customer? On vacation this June, I rode his bike with the trailer in tow, fully loaded. I pulled it for 100 miles through curves, straightaways, over hills and valleys and across bumpy roads. I even went out of my way to hit the bumps. I never noticed it back there. It is a joy to pull.

When stopping for gas during the week on the road, our two bikes’ gas consumption was within two to three tenths of a gallon for each fill-up. And he was riding two-up! The bike exhibited no lugging and passing was accomplished with a simple twist of the wrist without downshifting on flat roads. The acceleration was crisp and quick. The only time I had to think about the trailer behind me was when I wanted to change lanes. If you pack ride like we do, you have to account for the extra length, lest you run the trailer into the front of the bike behind you.

Installation is included in the price and they have dealers in several states, so check the website for locations. Shipping can also be arranged and includes a custom-built shipping crate, both for an additional fee. Check your state laws for licensing requirements as some states, Indiana included, do not require a license plate for the trailer.

N-Line Trailer
$2,650 Base Price


  1. I bought one and they are great. Very stable and easy to hitch up. What I like is that I don’t have to have heavy bags on the bike itself. Carries a surprising amount of gear.


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