Blaster SideKick

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company


When it comes to motorcycles, I like riding, not wrenching. I like riding a clean bike, but I don’t like cleaning a bike. I’m the kind of rider who takes my scoot into the Harley dealer for their $100 bike wash with a free oil change every 2,500 miles or so.

Now, thanks to Metro’s Blaster SideKick, I don’t have to wait for my next Harley service, or spend hours on end washing and drying my motorcycles. I simply head to the self-service car wash with my SideKick and an electrical extension cord in the saddlebag, plunk in three minutes’ worth of quarters into the coin box to wash and rinse the bike, plug in my SideKick and blow dry my wet bike in less than 10 minutes. No streaks, no more wet grimy towels, and no burned fingers from the hot exhaust pipes. The SideKick is especially great for drying out all the nooks and crannies around the engine and tranny. It makes motorcycle cleaning almost fun—at least the drying part, anyway.

The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, of Suffern, New York, recently introduced the Air Force Blaster SideKick motorcycle dryer, an all-new, all-steel, high-performance portable model, to join their line of larger, professional shop-sized dryers. You’ve probably seen the Blaster or Master Blaster if you’ve visited the wash bay of your local Harley dealer.

The SideKick, weighing in at about three pounds and standing about nine inches tall, features a powerful 1.3 hp motor that blasts out 18,000 ft/min of warm, dry, filtered air. The air is warmed about 25–30 degrees above the ambient temperature for efficient streak-free drying. On Metro’s website ( they compare their Blaster to air compressors and leaf blowers. The Blaster’s warm, dry, filtered air does not leave any residue or oils, and the air pressure is not too intense to be detrimental to your bike or accessories.

A friend who previously used a leaf blower to dry his Ultra Classic was duly impressed with the ease of use of the SideKick. Naturally, I stood close by while he used my SideKick to dry his bike. I was not going to let my SideKick accidentally disappear. We both agreed that we prefer the smaller neoprene blower nozzle versus the “air-flare” nozzle in the bike drying application. I’ve used the air-flare nozzle on the SideKick to blow dry my 70-pound shepard mix mutt after his bath. He doesn’t really enjoy it, but he tolerates it. (Metro does actually manufacture pet-drying systems, as well.)

With Metro’s larger Blaster and Master Blaster units, they indicate additional potential uses such as drying cars, of all things. However, with the cars they are only talking about small areas like door seams and outside mirrors. Another use could be inflating an air mattress, or even a leaf blower, but just for blowing the leaves out of your garage.

I know the Metro Air Force Blaster SideKick motorcycle dryer has been a godsend to my being more inclined to keep a clean machine, or two, or three, in my garage and ready for riding. Chuck the SideKick in your saddlebag and you can maintain your clean machine miles from home. Check out Metro Air Force Blaster products for the Blaster that will fit your needs best, and you could “Hit the road faster with a Blaster!”


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