I pull off the highway to enter a rest stop. I need to make a phone call, but it’s cold and I really don’t want to pull off my gloves so I try to make a call with them on, but I can’t even get to the phone app on my Droid. Off come the gloves and I make the phone call, shivering as I realize that my hands won’t warm up again anytime soon.


Those of you who own smart phones, GPS systems or other mobile touchscreen devices have probably experienced similar circumstances. Sure, there are some gloves available that incorporate touchscreen-compatible materials into the fingertips, but none that magically transform from light summer gloves to waterproof winter gauntlets for year-round use.


Enter ThumbDogs, a product so simple, that makes so much sense, one has to wonder why nobody ever thought of it before. They are, for lack of a better word, covers that slip over the fingertips of your gloves. They’re made from stretchable nylon and a special conductive product that allows you to navigate your touchscreen device without removing your gloves. ThumbDogs also incorporate Grrprr, a frictionless coating applied to the inside fabric that helps keep the little doggies from sliding off your glove tips.


ThumbDogs come as a set of four: two thumbs and two pointers (for most of us, that means index fingers).



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