Ever since I acquired my Dyna Super Glide, there have been three sets of foot pegs installed—one mid-set for the operator, one set for the passenger and an aftermarket set that I use as highway pegs. I’ve tried to use the highway pegs on my long-distance rides to give my knees a chance to unlock and my legs room to stretch, but no matter how I adjust the pegs—fore, aft, up or down—the angle and position are never quite right. The result is that I can only rest my feet on the highway pegs for a few miles before I have to drop my feet back onto the mid-sets again.

Enter Lindby Custom Inc. with its dual-purpose Multibar engine guard. The patented Multibar is a combination single-piece engine guard with bonded rubber foot rests. The engine guard is made from a single piece of triple chrome-plated high-strength alloy steel with rounded corners, and it has an outside diameter of 1 1/4″ for additional strength. Black powder coat is available for some models, and since my Dyna is glossy black, that’s the color I selected.

The Multibar arrived in short order, along with the required hardware—three bolts along with washers and nylock nuts—packed in the box. Installation was so simple and quick that no instructions were necessary. The hex bolt was used to attach the top of the bar to the welded cross piece between the frame down tubes, and the two Allen bolts attached the bar ends to the forward peg mounts. The hardest part of the install was the preparation: removing my old, rusty highway pegs and extracting the peg mount plugs that were installed at the factory. Once those tasks were done, it took just a few minutes to attach the bar and tighten the bolts.

I’d initially thought an engine guard might interrupt the lines of my bike, but after the Multibar was installed, I was pleased to see that it actually enhanced the look. What’s more, it recently proved its worth. I was trying to maneuver my bike through a narrow space and I didn’t realize that one of the saddlebags had gotten hung up on a truck bumper. I goosed the throttle a little to go forward, and the bike tipped over. Fortunately, the Multibar protected my bike from any damage, and gave me a lot more leverage to get it upright again.

The first time I took the bike on the highway after the install, I positioned my feet on the foot rests and found the location far superior to what I’d experienced with my old pegs. The angle allowed me to keep my feet on the foot rests for long periods of time, allowing me to take full advantage of two riding positions and thereby helping prevent my knees from aching and my legs from cramping. Furthermore, the foot rests provide plenty of traction and with the “lip” on the outside edge of each peg, my feet won’t slide off. All in all, the Multibar has been a tremendous enhancement to my riding experience.

Lindby offers three other engine guard models, as well as rear bars for some Harley models, replacement foot pads, and accessories such as clamp-on foot pegs and weather guards—probably my next purchase to keep rain, wind, cold and road debris away from my lower extremities. The company also offers free shipping via FedEx or UPS ground in the continental U.S.

Black powder coated or chrome—$269.95


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