Mustang Motorcycle Seats
P/N 79700

With the arrival of my brand-new 2017 Road King came the realization I needed a seat that would allow me to ride all day, for hundreds of miles, in comfort. I’ve used Mustang seats on my motorcycles ever since I bought my first Sportster in 1999, so choosing another Mustang was a no-brainer.

Mustang’s customer service department is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable, so when I called to find out what the best solution would be for my needs of a two-up, long-distance, low-profile seat, I took their suggestion of the One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat.

When my seat arrived, I immediately noticed the differences between the LowDown and my stock seat. Mustang seats are a lot heftier than most stock seats using plastic seat pans; most FL seats are built on steel pans but many, such as the LowDown with a “receiver” for the driver backrest built into it, is made of 3/16” thick marine-grade fiberglass finished with a high-gloss gel coat. The LowDown driver’s seat is 17” wide, but it is narrower where it meets the fuel tank and has a lower profile than the stock seat (depending on your Touring model, the LowDown is up to 1” lower than stock). Both these features are very important to me with my 5’4” frame.

The 14” wide passenger seat is also wider than stock, making for a much more comfortable back-seat rider or, in my case, a larger surface area on which to support tied-down luggage. The seat’s controlled density polyurethane foam is designed to provide exceptional support and comfort. And Mustang covers are made of high-quality expanded vinyl which wears extremely well: A Mustang seat that I’ve had for nearly two decades looks as good as the day I bought it.

Placing the LowDown on the bike is a breeze; the slot underneath the seat slides easily onto the frame’s seat tab, and I used the stock hardware to fasten it onto the rear fender. The seat design perfectly complements that of the Harley-Davidson sissy bar’s backrest pad, as well.

The LowDown seat has been on my bike for over 7,000 miles of riding through all kinds of weather and road conditions, but it was during my ride to Sturgis and back that the comfort aspect was most pronounced. It was 165 miles to my first gas stop and my legs and back were fine. Another 160 miles, and still no ill effects. My first day’s riding totaled 580 miles and I didn’t experience a hint of the sciatica that has plagued me for years. I’m convinced that, along with the superior seat foam, another huge factor in my comfort is the deep seat “bucket” that provides outstanding lumbar support. By the second day, the seat had conformed to my butt as if it was custom made just for me. And when I got to Sturgis, more than 1,700 miles from my home, I wasn’t at all fatigued and none of my lower body parts ached.

If you’d like to purchase the optional Driver Backrest pad and post (#79656—$209), the LowDown already has a receiver behind the driver seat to accommodate it. The LowDown, available in black only, is also offered with chrome or black studs for $559. Mustang seats require little care and can be washed with any mild detergent or coated with ProtectAll. Seats are assembled at the company’s Massachusetts facility, and the company offers a one-year warranty against defects. Based on my experience with Mustang products, I doubt you’ll need it. 


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