Over the years, manufacturers have tried everything to gussy up, hide and disguise the humble spark plug wire. Now Accel has taken it to the ultimate level by completely eliminating the thing. Their new Stealth SuperCoil consists of two finned pods each with a self-contained coil that sits on top of the spark plugs. Delivering up to 20-percent greater voltage than the stock ignition, the SuperCoil provides quicker starting and improved throttle response along with a dramatic cosmetic upgrade. Using aluminum standoffs that attach to the cylinder head studs, each assembly is then bolted into place, aligning the coil fins to match the motor fins. The wiring is routed between the jugs and under the tank where it connects to the bike’s electrical system via Delphi connectors. The Stealth SuperCoil fits all fuel-injected Harley Softail and Touring models from 1999-2013, and is available in natural cast aluminum or a black finish with either a short or long harness for $299.

Accel Motorcycle Stealth SuperCoil
Accel Motorcycle Stealth SuperCoil

Accel Motorcycle




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