Erector set
Fickle riders take note. With the introduction of their new Adjustable Dog Bone Riser, Aeromach has gone where no parts producer has gone before and created a handlebar mount that allows you to reconfigure your ergos on a whim. This handsomely utilitarian product consists of a pair of tall riser stalks and a set of clamps that can be adjusted to a variety of positions to suit your changing preferences. Machined from aircraft-quality billet aluminum, the riser comes with a Scotchbrite finish and retails for $199.99.

Aeromach USA   800.990.9392

The other leather
The Forester Wool Jacket from MotorClothes is just the type of traditional woodsy coat you’d want to wear when standing in the crisp autumn air and staring at the firewood that needs splitting, and then taking a putt down to the Old Log Inn for a toddy to reward yourself for all that wood you didn’t split. Ah, the rustic life. This versatile jacket has a black cotton canvas shell lined with a plaid wool/cotton blend, and sports rolled rib-knit cuffs, collar and waistband—plenty of weather protection for a romp to the inn. Available in sizes up to 5XL, the Forester sells for $195.


How low can you go? The answer to that question is the new Bad in Black Shorty Shocks for 1991 to 2010 Sportster models from Lick’s Cycles. These scale out at a mere 10 inches from eye to eye, but according to the manufacturer have been engineered to deliver a smooth ride in spite of it—even for operators weighing over 300 pounds. Incredible. Spring rates are adjustable using the included spanner wrench, and a pair of these runts will run you $199.

Lick’s Cycles   413.663.9050

Just add Panhead
That most iconic of American choppers, the Captain America bike from the film Easy Rider, was originally assembled using a number of parts from Paughco (an iconic entity in its own right), and now that company is faithfully reproducing some essential chassis ingredients for creating your own homage to the original. Included in the collection are the Chrome Wishbone Frame ($3,179), the famous Stars-and-Stripes-themed Captain America Mustang Tank ($849.95), and the Button Tufted Seat ($820.95), as well as an assortment of other authentic Captain America accessories. And if you don’t happen to have a Panhead motor on hand for the project, Paughco also offers a five-speed version of the frame for use with electric-start Softail drivelines.

Paughco   775.246.5738

A peeling idea
If you’ve got a serious banana habit, you’re familiar with the perils of packing your fix in your saddlebag—or a pocket, for that matter—where it’s tragically vulnerable to bruising. Thankfully, the ever-vigilant purveyors of hyper-functional motorcycling gear at Aerostich have discovered the Banana Guard, a $6 crush-resistant case that will prevent your snack from turning into mush. The guard works with all popular makes and models of banana, and installation is a snap. Rumors of a chrome-billet model in development could not be confirmed at press time.

Aerostich  800.222.1994

Clamp on
The folks at Oregon Bedroll are big supporters of togetherness as witnessed by their Bare Knuckle Bedroll and its love nest counterpart, the Double Down. These are marvelously minimalist camping rigs that encase a 2-inch thick Therm-a-Rest self-inflating sleeping pad within an Ultrex waterproof breathable “drizzle cover” to keep the dews and damps at bay when sleeping under the stars. It’s all the shelter you need in warm weather or when crashing in your clothes, and the cover is roomy enough to accommodate a sleeping bag as well. The beauty of the Bare Knuckle/Double Down combination is that they’re mirror opposites, so the covers meet in the middle, and they’re fitted with loops and dowels to fasten the pads snugly together. If you’re a loner, the Bare Knuckle is all you’ll need, but if you like waltzing Matilda in your Matilda you’ll want the pair. The price is $199 each.

Oregon Bedroll  541.570.1053

Piglet power
Maximize the dash space on your new Softail with Harley-Davidson’s new Combination Analog Speedometer/Tachometer, a direct replacement for your stock speedo that adds a wealth of information to your field of vision. For starters, you get an analog tachometer integrated into the face, and the LCD information screen below displays not only an odometer, tripmeter and fuel range, but a segmented fuel gauge and gear position indicator as well. Installation is plug-and-play, and the gauge will fit any 2011 Softail with a stock 5-inch speedo, and is offered with either a spun aluminum or black face. The price is $259.95.


The miniaturization craze sweeping the tech world now comes to motorcycle instrumentation with the Motoscope Mini ($357.99), a multi-functional digital gauge from Motogadget. Imagine packing all conventional dash functions—and then some—into a unit small enough to stick in the coin pocket of your jeans, and you get the picture. Completely programmable, the Motoscope Mini serves as a speedo, tach, odometer/tripmeter and timer, and displays the information on a dot matrix screen of 251 LEDs, the brightness of which adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions. The Mini comes with a remote button for handlebar mounting that lets you scroll through the various functions. The Mini can be mounted just about anywhere, and mounting brackets are available for a number of applications, but we’re partial to the Handlebar Top Clamp ($276.99) fixture shown here that is not only routed out for the device, but also includes a small bank of indicator lights for turn signals, high beam and neutral.

Custom Chrome   800.729.3332

Select seating
From C&C Motorcycle Seats comes a diverse new collection of Custom Bagger Seats including the flame-stitched saddle, pillion and backrest shown here. Also offered are seats upholstered in a variety of fabric colors, exotic hides and stitch patterns in colored thread to complement your bike’s graphic theme. The removable backrest is fully adjustable and easy to snap in or out, and it levers forward to facilitate throwing a leg over. Prices vary, with the full setup shown here retailing for $615.

C&C Motorcycle Seats  866.775.2100


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