Galfer has launched a new 6-line ABS brake hose kit for Harley-Davidson’s Pan America. This kit is more streamlined than stock and increases the level of modulation and feel of both the hand lever and foot brake lever. The kit design was also focused on improving routing, resulting in less abrasion points than the OEM design.

Galfer Brake Hose Kit

The stainless-steel lines are made with a DuPont virgin-grade PTFE inner core and a 64-strand braid. The kits also include all mounting components, extra washers, line end labeling, and model-specific installation instructions.

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Several line colors are available, including clear, black, blue, green, gold, red, platinum, orang, yellow, white, and smoke.

Price is $291, and the kit comes with a lifetime warranty. Visit Galfer’s website for more information.


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