Strong attachment
When Harley redesigned their 2009 touring models, the upgrades included a 180mm rear tire with a wider and cleaner fender assembly. A resculpting of the fender struts combined with the complete elimination of the tubular loop above the rear fender left some with the question of how to mount their various luggage racks and detachable sissy bars. Leave it to the Motor Company design team to conceive a finished product that looks like part of the original package instead of an afterthought. That’s exactly what the new 4-Point Docking Hardware Kit does. Easy installation includes bolting directly to the factory-drilled and threaded struts, allowing for exact alignment. The Kit allows the use of the Detachable Sissy Bar, the Solo Lug­gage Rack or the 2-Up Rack and the Solo Tour-Pak or the 2-Up Tour-Pak. It fits most 2009 Touring models and goes for $149.95. When detachable accessories are not needed, there’s even an optional disguise Cover Kit with chrome caps that slide over the docking points and are held in place by strong magnets, an additional $39.95 package.
Framing the reissue
U.S. Choppers has a long history in the restoration of vintage Harleys and, in an effort to fuse the present with the past, base their frame designs around the Art Deco styles that were popular 75 years ago. Reminiscent of board track racers from the teens, their Factory Race Platform comes as either a bare chassis or a complete roller with matching 1915 combination gas and oil tanks and a battery/stash box that mounts behind the seat post. The single-loop frame allows for a much lower center of gravity and an extreme lean angle while riding. It is available in both the sport version, a short 61″ wheelbase, or the longer 67″ model. This frame will house any Big Twin motor and transmission from 1936 to present, except Shovelheads.
U.S. Choppers  714.546.4699
Twisted reflections
Building on the success of their barbed wire shifter linkage, Linkage Boys are excited to announce the introduction of their new Barbed Wire Bullit Mirror Stems. Shown here with Küryakyn mirrors, these stems are manufactured from steel and then chrome plated. They accept any mirror with a 1/4″ 20 NC stud or can be used on receptacle-style mirrors before the 45 caliber “Bullit” projectile is added and pressed into place. Sold in pairs for $275, these stems fit all Harley applications.
Linkage Boys   509.930.8851
Adventure packed
The dual-sport touring craze has taken America by storm, with the Buell Ulysses leading the charge. But gone are the days of jamming all your gear into a couple of trash bags for a weekend of ripping up dirt roads and fording low-water crossings. The robust Buell Ulysses Outdoorsman Top and Side Cases offer only the finest in waterproof protection and ample storage during any extended expedition. While the top case is designed to hold two full-face helmets, the side cases are slender and provide a narrow profile for slipping through the Amazon or dodging SUVs and distracted soccer moms. The cases use ratchet-style locks that allow for keyless entry while providing the security of a keyed lock. Designed for 2006 and later XB12X models, they are easily attached to the bike, each with its own carrying handle and reflectors. The three-piece collection sells for $1,208.95, while the two side cases may be bought as a pair for $784.
Buell Motorcycles USA   800.443.2153
Heavy horses
Looking for some extra punch in that 2006–’07 Twin Cam? Then the RPM Power Package offered by J&P Cycles may be just the upgrade you need with claims of over 103 hp and 97 ft/lbs of torque. Using correctly matched components (a prime necessity when developing horsepower), this kit includes cylinder heads with round ports, pistons, camshafts, adjustable pushrods, a high-flow air filter, and a CD-ROM complete with maps and all required gaskets. The kit uses the stock fuel-injected throttle body and manifold unit, is compatible with a Power Commander and will fit both the 88″ and 96″ motors. You also have a choice of chain- or gear-driven cam versions. Prices vary according to the finish of the heads and the cam drive selection.
J&P Cycles  800.397.4844
They’ve got your back
Tired of the cramped seating position offered by your present back support? Then maybe it’s time to switch to the new Comfort Stitch Style Rider Backrest Kit by Harley-Davidson. Available in seven styles to match existing covers on various Touring seats, these Rider Backrest Kits offer a slimmer design along with a revised contour, giving the passenger additional space without shoving the rider forward. The adjustable support bracket accommodates different seats and provides varied seating positions and riding angles. Designed to fit 1988 and later Touring models equipped with a one-piece slotted seat, the Back­rest Kit retails for $189.95. The purchase of a separate, model-specific Hardware Kit ($29.95) is required.
Great coverup
Constructed of steel and available in either chrome or black powdercoat finish, Drag Specialties’ new round Horn Covers measure 4 5/8″ in diameter and are a great alternative to the stock cowbell found on Big Twin and XL Harleys. Utilizing the factory-supplied bracketry and mounting hardware, these covers also employ the stock production horn. They are available with either a Maltese or skull design and fit 1991–2008 models. Prices range from $29.95 to $31.95.
Drag Specialties 
Discrete heat
Acknowledging the popularity of the Vegas and Jackpot models, Paughco Motorcycle Accessories has completely redesigned the mounting fixtures on their highly successful springer front end and developed the Victory Springer. With roots dating back to the ’60s, the Paughco springer has seen many adaptations, with this latest version maintaining the product’s superb craftsmanship and beauty. These Victory Springers are exclusive to the 2003–’09 lineup, 3″ over stock length, feature twin coil springs along with an auxiliary shock, and come with specialized hardware for retaining the bike’s factory braking system and fender. The unit includes custom risers for use with the stock handlebars, a complete axle kit and all needed hardware to use the standard neck bearings. The Victory Springer retails for $2,499 with the Paughco Bullet Headlight (as shown) adding an additional $112.95.
Paughco Motorcycle Accessories   775.246.5738
Clampdown races
No matter how much horsepower you’re able to twist out of that motor, if you can’t get it to the back tire, the ef­fort is wasted. For years, the AIM Cor­poration has been a proven leader in the development of performance clutch kits, easing the problems of high-caliber en­gines getting power to the ground. Working in conjunction with S&S Cycles, AIM has re­cently developed the new CF-S&S Lock Up Clutch Head for high performance street en­gines and drag racing. The CF-S&S claims to have a 50 percent or greater clamping action than springs alone with the grip intensifying exponentially as the RPMs increase. This is accomplished with larger weights and an aggressive lever design. The amount of grab is adjustable by adding or removing weights. The unit retails for $325 and is designed for both S&S Performance Clutches—cable and hydraulic. Fitting in a stock H-D primary cover, no modifications are required—only a strong hand and steady nerves.
Advanced Innovational Machinery   714.848.3030


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