A family business founded 85 years ago, Gold Eagle is an industry leader in the production of performance chemicals and surface treatments including the products HEET and STA-BIL. Recently added to their 303 Products line are 303 Tire Balm & Protectant and 303 Metal Polish. The 303 Tire Balm provides a multilayer shine with a choice of keeping the tires either matte or shiny while preventing fading due to damaging UV sun rays. This dressing also prevents dry rot, is fast drying, non-greasy and formulated to not sling off after application. The 303 Metal Polish is designed to remove rust and corrosion, restore any lost shine and luster, and prevent future scratches or blemishes by leaving a protective layer behind. It is safe for all metals including chrome, stainless, silver, gold, aluminum, platinum, copper, nickel and magnesium. Both products come in a 12-ounce size with the Tire Balm carrying a suggested price of $10.99 while the Metal Polish will run you $12.99.

Gold Eagle Co. | 773.376.4400 | goldeagle.com

Partz: Preserving precious Partz: Preserving precious


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