Protect your ride from road salt & brine

Road salt is the enemy of your bike, attacking all metal parts and components. Left untreated, salt leads to corrosion that will attack metal, ruin paint and chrome and can lead to damage far worse than simply cosmetic issues. The solution? Star brite Salt Off and Ultimate Corrosion Blocker.

Salt Off was originally developed to shield metal from the harsh marine saltwater environment, the toughest conditions any metal can ever face. Salt Off breaks down and removes salt deposits from all metal and painted surfaces, leaving behind a protective polymer barrier to help prevent future deposits. Use the Salt Off applicator to apply to multiple bikes, trailer or trucks using a garden hose.

After the area is salt-free, protect it with Star brite ULTIMATE Corrosion Blocker. Corrosion Blocker shields all painted, polished, chromed or bare metal from the destructive effects of corrosion. The non-aerosol sprayer won’t clog or run out of propellant and the formula won’t create a gooey mess or leave a watery run-off. The polymers bond to the treated areas for long-term protection. Corrosion Blocker displaces moisture and will not harm wiring harnesses.

For more information, visit or call (800) 327-8583.


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