Dodge City, Kan., Sep. 18—Stage 8 was a nice short day for the 67 Cannonball riders who took the green flag on Saturday morning. The group covered 184 miles of level Kansas blacktop before rolling into a hero’s welcome in Dodge City. The weather was beautiful and the dinner hosted by the city was more than appreciated by the road-weary travelers as they looked forward to the only day off during their 16-day journey across America. Sunday was spent wrenching and working on making ready for the next 1,528 miles of the 3,304-mile adventure.


Monday morning will have the riders saddled up to face the high heat predicted across Kansas before crossing into Colorado for an evening finish in Pueblo. Engine failure could be a problem with the higher temperatures since heat is not a vintage motorcycle’s friend, but the higher elevations of the Rockies will also be a problem on Tuesday. It’s about to get real, folks. Stay tuned…

View the Stage 8 below, and click here to download the full Stage 8 results.


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