Durango, Colo,. Sep. 21—Tuesday morning started off with cheerful optimism mixed with a healthy dose of apprehension as 60 riders set off to conquer the Rocky Mountains, most at an average speed of 35-miles an hour. Between road construction, the high altitude and steep incline the day held just enough drama to keep everyone on their toes. Roadside repairs would play out all day and gear, plug, valve and belt adjustments were made in order to facilitate the flogging the machines would endure as they carried their masters to the summit of Wolf Creek Pass.


Promoters offered to allow riders to trailer their bikes over the Pass in order to spare their engines, but only 6 took advantage of the allowance as the rest cheered each other up and over the 10,857-foot apex. Crowds gathered as riders sputtered their way to the photo op at the top.


Crowds gathered at the Durango Harley-Davidson dealer to watch the bikes roll in and awe spread as Dean Bordigioni’s 1914 H-D Single wheezed up to the check-in point. Exciting is Victor Boocock’s perfect score, as well. Victor has come out for all of the Cannonballs and his current spot in the number five position causes cheering each morning as he rolls past the green flag.


For Stage 11, the group’s 11th day on the road, the packs coasted down the driveway and out into the cold Rocky Mountain rain, despite the weatherman’s prediction of dry skies. That cheerful optimism has usual hoping it will dissipate by the time we hit Arizona’s arid climate.


View the Stage 10 below, and click here to download the full Stage 10 results.stage10results

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