Whether you hung out in WestWorld all week, moseyed out to Phoenix Bikefest or cruised out to Cave Creek, there was plenty of fun to be had all over the Valley of the Sun. Here are a few of the folks we shared some of the beautiful weather with:

Damsel in Defense dames

We met Mindy Lin, cofounder of Damsels in Defense, and her merry maidens and were thrilled to make their acquaintance. As one who has carried some of the company’s self-defense products in the saddlebags for years, it was cool to meet them in person. The company empowers women through their self-defense line of pepper spray, stun guns and assorted other items to help keep a gal safe. (damselindefense.net)

Glitter gal

Diva Amy hosted the first annual Miss ABW Bike Show on Saturday, which included displaying two of her own blinged-out bikes. Covered in crystals, glitter and sequins, custom paint with flaming hearts, leopard print and even a mini-Zildjian cymbal, her two-wheeled work of art was hard to miss. The show included more than 25 bikes in three categories. Some were even built by the women owners themselves. Be sure to check out the details on how to enter next year’s girl bike show on the 2018 ABW website. (azbikeweek.com)

Barrel guy

We ran into an inebriated man wearing an actual barrel during the CCR concert. He was alternately blasting a bugle and blowing a harmonica as he danced around the venue. When we asked his name he stepped close so we could hear the ditty he had memorized about being an alligator man when we were suddenly hit with an intense aroma and he proudly shared that he was naked underneath its planks… even though we didn’t ask. It was a pretty warm evening to be working up a sweat and, apparently, the barrel works the same with pickling humans as it does when aging wine.

Primo partiers

For two years in a row we’ve camped in the same space and so have next-door neighbors David and his buddies. This year they brought along the camp tramp and she stood seductively guarding their site the whole week. As the evenings wore on and the partying picked up, it was customary for the guys to maul the poor lass as a sort of good luck charm between laps around the campground on minibikes and she usually needed redressing by daylight. By the time Sunday came around, we weren’t sure who was worse for wear, her or David, who has our utmost respect for diehard drinking. Cheers, David!

Outlaw country

We caught Gethen Jenkins and the Freightshakers out at a Phoenix watering hole for bikers as ABW kicked off. Chopper John’s is a cool little bar with big-time tunes and the musical talent was worth hanging out for. With parking out back, you should definitely put this friendly dive on your list of places to visit when they have live music.


Riders from Arizona, California and South Dakota gathered in Cave Creek after hitting the auction at WestWorld. The guys had taken a 40-mile trip down a long and dusty dirt road along Apache Lake the day before and were concentrating on bar hopping for the rest of their vacation. Sometimes it takes a while to wash down the dry dust of a Sonoran desert road but they were motivated.

Big Belly Crew

We met our favorite big belly brothers last year as vendors at WestWorld but found them set up at the Roadhouse in Cave Creek this time. Shane said the hours for vending were longer in Cave Creek but the guys plan to return to the little western town next year, too. “It’s great out here; cool people, we’re making a little money and hey, look, it’s the perfect location. Besides,” he shared, “it’s so much fun out here! We’re just having a good time and they treat us right so hey, we’ll be back.”

California kids

This gaggle of guys, and a gal, did what typical California riders do for ABW. Half the group loaded up their bikes and the RV and slid out of the rainy weather intent on doing it up for the week. The other half flew in for the weekend and rented bikes. The gang hit all the cool spots during the day, camped at WestWorld and took in the concerts at night, all while appreciating the dry digs and warmth of springtime in the desert.

Red rider

We’re wandering around Cave Creek when we run smack dab into California native Lori. The NorCal gal migrated to the south end of the valley a few years back. She was busy showing her friend Red around before she rode back home to SoCal the next day. None of that trailer stuff for Red.



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