Being a proud “old lady,” I’ve spent many a mile on the back of my man’s bike. Enjoying the ride, of course, but secretly observing the signs and proving out my theory that there is something to all of this astrological “stuff.” As a professional astrologist, one of the questions I most frequently asked is, “What sign am I most compatible with?” Here are some tidbits I thought I might share with you for help in deciding who you should share your ride with:

I think we can all agree that in the front of the pack you will find the Aries. He simply has to be first. With his impulsive nature, he can make quick decisions and take one for the team.  It is not unlikely to find an Aries woman tucked in behind him. She loves the adventure and thrives on competition. Just remember they tell it like it is and patience is not a virtue.

For those of you who like a little more comfort on your trip, you might want to ask a Taurus to come along. Just don’t be too pushy. You can count on them to turn your rugged day into a luxurious night. Let them pack the bags. Although you won’t want to admit it, you will be happy they brought along the cozy blanket and fresh, fluffy socks. Don’t underestimate them; they can make the long trip. Their slow and steady approach gets them to the final destination with ease.

We all know that breaking down on the road can be a… well, let’s just say a “problem.” If you’re broke down with a Gemini, you might actually be lucky. They are the jack-of-all trades, but, as it goes, master of none. They can tell you what you need to do, but they may not help you finish the job. It’s a lot more fun to give out the facts than to have to apply them. They know a little bit about everything, but you know Gems: long, hot hours stuck on the side of the road will drive them crazy.

If you want to eat well and know you would be nursed back to health in an emergency, then you better have a Cancer on your crew. They know how to make any meal taste like gourmet and they love to serve the whole group.  If you’re trying to pick up on a Cancer then I recommend a moonlight ride. Yep, gets ’em every time.

We know everyone loves a Leo with their big laugh, bright smile and animal magnetism at a party. They light up a room when they walk in, become larger than life and know how to inspire everyone. A word of warning: they are the lion and they don’t like to be disrespected. Tread carefully and keep the kitty purring.

Want to know what the Virgo’s weak spot is?  Okay, I’ll tell you… they are obsessed with leather and lace. You will often see Virgo women modeling in biker magazines. They love bikers, lots of tattoos and jewelry. They will remember all the little details that you forgot.  For you Virgo men out there, just remember to check your batteries or anything electric on the bike before you take off. The powerful mercurial energy that runs through your fingertips will often short out any thing electrical on your bike. Yea, think back. It’s probably been a reoccurring problem.

If you want a devoted partner; one that will think of you first, look great at all times and someone you can take into any social setting, then balance the Libra on the back of the bike. They have a great way of problem solving and looking at all the options, but may not make quick decisions. For that quality you will have to go back to the Aries.

Okay, here’s where you need to tread very carefully. Yes, the Scorpio. At first they will mesmerize you, pulling you in with their piercing eyes, but watch out because nothing gets by them. The good thing is if you are lost they are the ones to have with you. Their eagle eye will have noticed every landmark along the way and their uncanny intuition will get you back on the right road.

If you want a low-maintenance partner, one who will throw on a hat and no make up, then the Sagittarius is the one for you. Have you ever wondered who should carry the road map? You can take them anywhere; they will bring a spirit of adventure with them. Just remember to not get upset when they have to constantly check out the next and more exciting adventure down the road.

If you’re looking for a bodyguard then I recommend the Capricorn. You can also trust them with the money.  If you wondering about who would make the best mechanic, well, here’s your guy.  If you want a hardy woman who knows how to work hard, not complain and get greasy if she has to, then find your self a Cappy.

You know those nights when you’re out in a remote area where only the stars light up the night and suddenly something flies through the air? What is it? Ask the Aquarius, they will have felt it even before it arrived. They will probably tell you it was an alien and will instigate long talks about all the weird experiences they have had. You might think they are a bit eccentric, but you won’t be able to help looking up into the sky for the next sighting.

Last but not least, if you want to have a beer and talk about deep spiritual issues, then the Pisces is up for the task.  Their dreamy disposition will make you feel like you’ve been to another dimension. Now, I will warn you, I wouldn’t recommend giving them the keys or important paper work. Pisces tend to lose things and will blame it on having a gremlin. It will be there one minute and gone the next. Oh, and if you’re trying to catch the fish, then a hot venti cappuccino as bait will work like a charm.

(Chrystal Lynn is an animal behaviorist, equine therapist, intuitive writer, professional astrologer. For more information, visit 


  1. Sagittarius LOL Everything but low maintenance…but I can put my jeans on and go pretty fast…Paul always loves front of pack…he is Libra…Fun reading!!!

  2. Excellent article loved it! So informative and so true…helpful ! As a libra I found the article amusing an the thing about virgos an mechanical failures is soo true!

  3. OMG! Spot on! hahahahhahahh! That was awesome! I am almost embarrassed to say, I am the Aquarius – I guess no one will be inviting me for a ride anytime soon…I guess that explains why I am an artist, right?


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