Greg E., a U.S. Armed Forces veteran was greeted with a shocking surprise

Greg E's 2005 FXDL was stolen!

on Veterans Day this year. His 2005 FXDL (Dyna Low Rider) was stolen from in front of his home in Riverside, New Jersey, in the early morning hours of November 11.

Greg bought the bike brand new, and in the ensuing years, customized it to suit his riding style. Among the many changes are the chain link sissy bar, luggage rack, floorboards and foot controls, pistons in place of rider and passenger pegs, and tool boxes used as panniers, not to mention some high-performance modifications.

This veteran served with the U.S. Navy for 14 years, and his service included deployments in the Persian Gulf and the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Bosnia.

Thank a Vet

If anyone has any information about the thieving bastards that stole his bike, or if you see the bike or any of the parts at swap meets or on the street, contact Greg at Thanks for your service, Greg, and we hope you get your bike back.



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