#31 In Roads-New Zealand


My newest friend is concerned that I’ll rat him out for being backstage without a VIP pass. He’s not sure how he lucked out but he scored a way into the Redwood Run for $75.00 and is enjoying hanging out with the likes of Randy Scoles, Mike Estes, as well as assorted members of the Marshall Tucker Band.

Clive is a New Zealand native who’s been stateside for 20 years. In love with his American wife for many years, his 10-year marriage failed after she became frustrated over his 14-hour days at the million-dollar restaurant he owned. As a chef, he’s worked with a variety of dignitaries including the Queen Mum herself when he catered prestigious affairs. These days he spends his time working to live instead of living to work. He’s a committed father of two who lives for his daughters.

“Here’s my life, right here,” he tells me as he shows the pair of tattoos proudly. “The oldest is blonde and she is beautiful. She’s actually looking into doing high school in New Zealand. I’m thrilled. I’d love to go back home. Can you imagine, by 8 years old she has to figure out where she wants to go to school? Only in America. The youngest is a brunette and she’s also gorgeous. I love my girls.” He goes on to tell about the gritty details of his divorce and his ex-wife’s evil ways, though he says things are better now. There are obvious emotional scars over the battle.

He rides a 2011 Road Glide; it’s his second Harley. The longest trip he’s done on a bike is from NorCal to San Diego and back. He spent three months being homeless in his car, traveling the United States. When I tell him I live on my bike he says, “You know, only in the States can you do that. People are so hospitable here, and friendly but it’s still really hard. That tells me you must have a lot of really good friends and family to help you along your way. I love America. I truly believe America saved my live. I can’t imagine where I would be if I never came here.”




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