#83 In Roads-Papa Ed


Today’s new acquaintance is introduced to me through a mutual friend. We find common ground in discussing our children. As a father of three, he’s happy to have his 26-year old son, the youngest, back home.

“He’s that kid who, just to see his smile gives you that feeling, you know? If you need something done, you just mention it and he’s happy to help. He looks around and sees something that needs doing and he just does it, like dumping the garbage or picking up. He’ll see something I’ve neglected and he’ll be like, “Hey Dad, how long has this been broken? Do you want me to fix it?” It’s that kind of stuff that really makes me proud. He was down in Texas with a girl and it took about a year before he figured out that she just wasn’t right for him. They’re both in the Army and it wasn’t good. I’m glad to have him back home.”

He shares that both his sons and his son-in-law are all active service members. The eldest is a lifer and an officer who gets shipped all over the world. He’s on his 9th tour of the Middle East. I ask if he freaks out when his son gets deployed. Ed says he’s just learned not to let worrying get to him. He says he’s got his head wrapped around it all ok now.

Ed is a Sturgis resident now but says he was Kansas born. He’s been in South Dakota for 30-years. He got a new bike after a trip to Arizona during bike week. The bike needed some work there and he was impressed with the Scottsdale H-D dealership because they gave away free ice cream. Still, he didn’t care for the area. He says he’ll make another trip out to Arizona this winter. “I think I’ll check out Tucson and Bisbee. Maybe it has a different vibe. As soon as I rolled into the valley in Phoenix, I knew right away it wasn’t for me. I do need a change of scenery though, so I’ll just go on back and check out another place.” I wish him safe travels.




































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