1-Piece 2-Up Seats for Harley-Davidson Softails

C&C Motorcycle Seats


C&C Motorcycle Seats has just introduced its newest line, the 1-Piece 2-Up Seats for Harley-Davidson Softails (1984–2007) that come in a variety of options and price points. Shown here is the SportTour model with the optional removable driver’s backrest. (A passenger pad is also available.) Other models in this line include the Fastback and the Squareback. Standard choices are a plain vinyl top cover, vinyl with a selection of six stitch patterns, plain leather and leather with the six stitching patterns. Exotic hides, special-design embroidery and gel pad inserts round out this company’s multifaceted platform. Call for prices.


  1. I can’t for the life of me believe nobody has made a prostate friendly seat.With the technology out there im totaly baffeled.IM A LONG DISTANCE RIDER and have had some problems.CAN SOME ONE DIRECT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.I HAVE HAD MUSTANG ,CORBIN,STOCK, & RUSSEL ,help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 575-297-4034 adios !!!!!!!!!!!! thanks ,Why doesnt somebody capitilize on this one ???????????????

  2. Go get yourself a prostate pad that works for you and go to an upholstery and have him insert it under the vinyl or leather seat you use.


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