As I sit under the full moon in Gemini, December 7, 2014, I can’t help but reflect on a very intense year. If you have followed my astrological articles, I have been attempting to prepare us for this shift; it would feel like the last 100 miles of a 2,500-mile trip. You’re almost there; tired, a little beat up, but don’t take your eyes off the road now.

You can smell the chili cooking in the crock-pot; the couch and remote never looked better, and knowing you can finally peel those boots off, makes the whole trip worthwhile.

As we follow the generational cycles, we’ve been traveling through a specific transit in the sky since October 2012. The planet Saturn, which moves into a new energy every 2 ½ years, has influenced this cycle. Saturn in Scorpio, has been a very investigative energy, and loves to bring up the buried issues from the past.

The goal is to help us find a way to resolve the issues that hold us back, once and for all. If you are standing here today (as the dust settles), wondering if you are almost home then, well, my friends, I bring you great astrological news…

As of December 23, 2014, the planet, Saturn, is moving into Sagittarius. So, yes, Sag, you are going to be on the front lines. You are the next sign of the zodiac to lead the way. You are the teacher, the guru, the preacher, the visionary and oh, so intelligent. OK, before you get too big of a head, Saturn is here to teach you how to teach, for some of us it will be learning how to learn. The good news is Sagittarius is a fire sign. So, the next two years will be about coming out of the emotional prison we have all been in and learning how to dream big again, take on a whole new adventure, and maybe take the risk of a life time.

For those of you born during the dates of November 17, 1985–February 13, 1988 or October 10, 1956–January 5, 1959, you will be experiencing your Saturn return in Sagittarius, which only happens once every 29 ½ years. Prepare for changes that deepen your philosophies in life. Teaching, writing, and travel are highly favored, basically anyway to get your message out. We will all be preparing for new changes, but these will be exciting changes. You may be able to make a short pit stop at home, but don’t get too comfortable. The road is still calling your name.

I will focus briefly on how this change may affect each sign. Pull your bootstraps up and let’s take a look…

Aries: (March 21–April 21)

Keep your options open: All you need is one move; Aries, one special move, and it can be the answer to finally taking the lead, as you know how to do so well. But more importantly, you must remain teachable. There are great teachers along your path to show you how. It may feel like being a prospect again, but this time you truly understand the value of the lessons.

Taurus: (April 21–May 21)

Behave your way to success: Taurus, as December 23, 2014 approaches, this new 2-year cycle is going to bring a lot of change to embracing your inner resources. The last two years have been about discovering who you really are through relationships and what you really want. You have what it takes now to have it all, but will need to use all your newfound skills to make it happen.

Gemini: (May 22–June 21)

Circle of supporters: Gemini, you’ve tried to stay out of trouble the last 2-year cycle, but as the new year approaches, you may find yourself having a lot to say. Surround your self with a good crew. Your philosophies for life and how you approach your relationships will be taken to a higher level. Expand your vision and expectations, and you will have the wind at your back.

Cancer: (June 22–July 23)

Master the system: Cancer, it’s time to get some focus and find your place in this world. The moon rules the sign, Cancer, and sometimes your life can feel like the sea tossing you to and fro, but you begin to feel more stable and focused, you can find your stride. It may feel like a different ride, but you can master the new rules to the road.

Leo: (July 24–August 22)

Accept praise: You are the lion, Leo! The last year may have had you licking your wounds, but you are the king of the jungle and time to take your place in the kingdom. You may need to sharpen your skills, but as of the first of the year, you will get a wave of energy from Jupiter that will take you into the summer. Enjoy the ride!

Virgo: (August 23–September 22)

Become essential: Virgo, you can sometimes be the underdog, and if there was a sign that was getting ready to move to the front this year, it’s you Virgo. As we move through the up and coming turbulence on December 15, 2014, you should be grounded, prepared and looking forward to the change it can bring. You are important, Virgo, the world needs you now more than ever.

Libra: (September 23–October 22)

Pick your battles: Libra, you know how to keep balance in your life and in everything around you, but the upcoming transits, will be highlighting your relationships and family. Those things we cannot always control. But remember, sometimes, we are not in balance, and a good shake up shows us what we need to change. Keep steady, Libra, and pick your battles wisely.

Scorpio: (October 22–November 22)

Know your real currency: Out of all the signs to have self-determination, it’s you, Scorpio. You know your power and worth, but let’s face it. The last two-years, with Saturn in Scorpio, you were shaken to the core. But no other sign rises from the ashes like the Scorpio. As of December 23, you began to gain your power back. Hang tight, we’re almost there!

Sagittarius:(November 22–December 22)

Define your image: Sag, you are the teacher, and the change coming for you, will prepare you for the next step in your adventure. Time to learn, which is your specialty. Yep, you’re entering the masters program in the school of life. Lead the way!

Capricorn: (December 22–January 21)

Lay a big plan: Capricorn, you’re never one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, just tell you, you can’t do it and that will fuel you for a serious climb to success. Put it in second gear, and start climbing. Don’t look down; your ambition will take you to the top with lots of energy fueling the way.

Aquarius: (January 22–February 21)

Perception of uniqueness: Aquarius, you are the one to prepare the way. You have an amazing energy surrounding you from December 4, 2014–January 15, 2015. You may feel like you are vibrating with energy during this time, you know, the feeling you get when you get off your bike and your body can still feel the vibration of the engine. Time to channel this energy. Create the dream of your lifetime.

Pisces: (February 22–March 21)

Always have a plan: Pisces, you usually like to go with the flow. You actually love to be distracted by those lonely side roads. Time to get focused on the big picture and stay in the game. Your career will be in the limelight the next two years. Are you ready, what are you bringing to the table?

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