By Joy Burgess

It’s already October and hard to believe it’s been months since we did something no motorcycle magazine had ever done before – put out an entire issue devoted to ‘Women in Motorcycling’. Readers called it historic, but I just called it motivational! 

Yes, you’ve heard a lot about that issue, but the incredible thing is that we’re still getting feedback from women around the world five months later! I got a bigger picture of how underserved women in motorcycling really are editorially, and I’ve wanted to find a way to change that. I wrote before how the stories of the women we featured lit my soul on fire, and now I get a chance to spread that fire with a new adventure. 

I just took over as the Editor of Woman Rider, a sister publication to Thunder Press magazine, and I’m stoked! Don’t worry, the guys haven’t kicked me off the Thunder Press team (it’s not that easy to get rid of me, ha!), so I’ll still be here having a blast with our V-twin audience and sharing some of what we’re doing at Woman Rider from time to time. 

With an updated logo, a new website redesign on the way and big plans for 2021,
Woman Rider is working to create ‘home’ for women who ride…no matter what you ride.

What are we doing at Woman Rider? I’m diving in and working to create an awesome place where women can find inspiring stories, fun podcasts, columns from some of the well-known ladies in the industry, a forum (coming soon), a place to get the latest news that’s geared towards women and, most importantly perhaps, community…a place that women riders can call home. Home! That’s what I’ve found in the motorcycle community, and I hope to create that sense of ‘home’ for other women, too. 

We’re starting out by doing a complete redesign, so ladies, you’ll want to check in regularly as we breathe new life into the publication. While we’re starting out as a website, the goal moving forward is to create something like Thunder Press with both digital and print magazines available. A pretty exciting undertaking, and you’ll definitely want to come along for this ride!

I’ve put together an advisory group that includes many of the women involved in the Women in Motorcycling issue (and others) to offer great ideas, insights, stories, and advice along the way. Because in the end, this new adventure is all about you, ladies. 

For 2021 I’ve got some big dreams. I’m working on some key partnerships and hoping to create some exciting events when motorcycle life as we know it returns to some semblance of normal (hopefully). Events like women’s rides to Sturgis and other rallies, and even a Woman Rider bike show. 

As I’ve talked to ladies across the industry I’ve found that they’re just as excited as I am right now. “Women need this right now,” one said, “we’ve been forgotten for too long.” Another chimed in, “I’m so excited about this new project and I’m thrilled that you’re doing it. You’ve got the heart and the passion for this.” (Thank you for that confidence!) And as I asked for the help of women I know (and a few I previously didn’t), emails flooded back into my inbox with so many amazing ladies willing to jump in with their support. One of those emails simply said, “Yes, yes, yes, and YES!” I love it! 

It’s about to get exciting, so I hope you’ll share this with all the ladies you know. Visit, sign up for the newsletter (we even have a cool Consumer Panel that allows women to make their voices heard in the industry), and follow Woman Rider on Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to contribute ideas, share a great story, ask questions, or simply find other women to chat with who share your passion for two-wheels (or even three or four wheels), shoot me an email: 


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