Well, it’s official. Aside from the fact that riding season never really stops here in SoCal, its been exceptionally toasty for early spring. The 20th is the official first day of summer but it seems like it’s been summer for a quite a while already. So, want to try something a little different for this summer’s riding? Check out all of the free concerts and live theatre available to us. One of my favorite summer rides is to Griffith Park for the Independent Shakespeare Company’s summer of Shakespeare productions (check them out on Facebook at facebook.com/indyshakes.) It’s always a bunch of fun and trust me, if you’ve never seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream with coyotes howling in the background, you’re in for a treat! Most every town in SoCal has music in the park at least one night a week. One of my faves is at the Redlands Bowl, a huge park with lots of seating and picnic areas, and perfect parking for a bike! Same goes for Clairmont, always fun concerts (it’s a college town—figures!) in the park. One of the coolest sites for finding free music is andyhifi.50webs.com/shows.htm. It covers a huge range of music and areas all over the place, too! Pack a biker picnic, a blankey, invite some friends and go find some low-to-no cost entertainment!… While we’re on the subject of entertainment for you blues fans, here’s the June lineup for Brad Wilson. He’ll be down at the Julian Blues Bash on June 16 in the afternoon and then rushing up to Hermosa Beach to the Café Boogaloo for an evening performance. June 22 you can catch him at the Pomar Junction in Templeton, and June 30 at Calcareous Vineyards in Paso Robles… My friend Halle at Valley V-Twin has officially become a ham radio operator (call sign KJ6WNE). She hasn’t told me exactly what she plans to do with her newfound license, but knowing Halle, I’m sure it will be something fun… And while I’m chatting about Halle—hey girl, hope you and George have a great 17th anniversary celebration June 25!… The Valley V-Twin “I Dunno Ride” on June 24 is to the USS Midway in San Diego. This is a spectacular tour; I know you folks will have a great time. If you haven’t toured the USS Midway, I highly recommend it!… Flagman Frank still needs vendors for the upcoming 4th annual Freedom Coalition Fest in Irvine. This huge event is a perfect venue for your unique business—time’s running out for you to be an integral part of this run. Give Frank a call at 714.745.0948 if you would enjoy being a part of this year’s fest! And on the subject of the fest, want to get some great advertisement for your company? Get your name on the website, event T-shirts and banners. For info and pricing, please contact Jeff at 714.331.9362 or hurricane@freedomcoalitionfest.com. Frank says that since they have so many bands wanting to play at the event, they’ve opened up Friday night! Stay posted for all the bands for this year’s event… Happy Birthdays to Tuck Broich (former mayor pro tem of Palm Springs); hope your day is great! Nicole Abruscato (fiancé of Valley V-Twin’s Brian) have a fun birthday! And Jet Bland (one of Valley V-Twin’s Revive Your Ride Winners!) hope you enjoy your birthday, too!… Happy Birthday to Dave Gedigian of the CREW. I missed your “claim jumper” birthday celebration to write this column! Looks like everyone had a great time from the FB photos!… Heard from Mel Skaggs, who managed to attend the USO Charity Car & Motorcycle Show on May 6. He tells me the venue was great and so was the ride—well put together and lots of fun and with around 300 attendees. Mel tells me to not miss it next year, plus the USO is always a great cause to help in any way we can! Mel, I was out of town, or I would have been there! We haven’t chatted since the PV H.O.G./ABATE 19 Toy Run so it was great hearing from you, thanks for the e-mail!… May was Motorcycle Awareness Month and I usually remind everyone, but I got sidetracked and forgot. Hope you did something worthy to commemorate the month. If you too forgot, may I remind you about motorcycle riders courses? Of course there is Harley’s Rider’s Edge, which provides everything you will need to learn to ride. You need only bring required safety gear and a willingness to learn. The closest course to me is at Skip Fordyce in Riverside. But just check out Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge in your search bar and it’ll come right up. Follow the link to a location year you. The course I attended (more than once), the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s CMSP Basic and Beyond Rider’s Course, was in Colton at the Honda Training Center, 909.430.3000. I didn’t learn to ride on a Harley, although truth be told, my first fall down was when I tried to learn on my Harley! (It didn’t take me long to realize perhaps my honey wasn’t the best teacher.) If you’re out in the desert, Valley V-Twin’s own George Fetty is an instructor at the CMSP Course out there. You can contact them at 760.574.9169 or cvmtrng@yahoo.com. The beginners course is great for new riders. I don’t think it’s designed for females per se, but the size of the bike definitely helps. However, since so many guys need to prove how macho they are, I worry that the size of their dual sport bikes might garner razzing. To that, I say, so what? Learn to ride the safest way possible! Now for you folks that have been riding for years and know all there is to know—you don’t! We pick up bad habits and forget some of the stuff we used to know. We get lazy and the Advanced Riders Course is just what we all need every few years. I can promise, you will admit to yourself (and maybe friends) that you either learned or remembered a lot when you take this course. Besides, it’ll get you a discount on your insurance! As for you new riders, pass the beginners course and you don’t have to take the rider’s portion at the California DMV test to receive your motorcycle endorsement. Thanks ABATE of California for getting that sweet deal available to us!… Condolences to the friends and family of Ed Savko. Ed and his wife Vern owned the Rock Store since 1961. The Monday after his April 2 passing brought lots of folks over to pay their respects. I’m sure Ed will be sorely missed!… That’s it for this month. Hope all you dads out there have the best Father’s Day ever—hopefully your wives and kids understand that the best Father’s Days are spent in the wind! See you all next month. You know the routine; send me your stuff! Enjoy your ride; stay cool and hydrated, I want to see you all back here next month!



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