It’s been a fun summer so far; I’ve been enjoying all my outdoor music and summer rides—and there’s a lot of them! Have you looked around? I know you can see all the latest rides and fun Harley events right here in your THUNDER PRESS and any Harley dealer or any independent bike shop that you go to. There are plenty more. Check out your local parks and hangs. I love bike nights and so many restaurants, bars and clubs sponsor them throughout the summer. One of my favorites that I’m looking forward to in August is the Independent Shakespeare Company is doing The Tempest in Griffith Park. Take a picnic; parking is so much easier on the bike than in the car! You can even bring wine and beer, but remember, you’re the designated driver on the bike! For you Brad Wilson fans, I see he’s finally got a couple SoCal shows this summer—look for him at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach August 6 and August 20… August has bunches of birthdays, so I’ll get on those before the “other stuff.” Happy birthdays to Mike Gibbs and Bonnie Garcia—have a great day, you guys! And Syd Levine, hope your day is fun. Casey Isabelo in Honolulu, how do you not have a good birthday? David Beach, hope you have a great day. Dawn Low, Mary Battin, Steve Mooney and Jake Balmer all share August birthdays; I know they’ll be fun! Max Simmons of Australia, I know you will see this online, so happy birthday to you too! Happy birthday to my friend Jeff Beckman. Happy birthday to the CREW’s Sandee Berger on the 15th. Also of the CREW—Tina Wingo, I know your honey Mark will make your August 11 birthday lots of fun. He always does such a great job planning rides; I can just imagine what he can do for his special honey’s birthday! Chris Balmilero and Ron Young, hope your birthdays are fun. Happy birthday to Joe Dubois! I know Sandi will do something fun for you. Kate Chickering of Boulder Creek celebrates a birthday this month; hope it’s super, Kate! Robert Hoff, hope your birthday’s great, too! Bonnie Hestlow, I know Richard and the grandkids are going to make your birthday all that you could wish for and lots more! Qwik Parts’ own Mark Cutter, hope your birthday’s a great one my friend! Robbie Robinson, hope your birthday’s good! As for birthdays—hope this is a happy one for my own THUNDER PRESS editor Cristy Pazera! How can it not be? Considering you’re about to have little miss Pazera-Gorter join your family at any second (if it hasn’t already happened). Wishing you and Jason the best (congrats on the recent nuptials!).
Charlie Murphy, man, what can I say? Hope this birthday finds you recovering? No idea why you were in Fresno instead of Texas, but so sorry to hear about your accident. At the time I’m writing this, you’re still in the ICU with lots of friends praying for your recovery. You can be sure I’m adding mine to theirs… It’s been a rough couple months for friends and acquaintances in the motorcycling world. Flagman Frank Waldrop went down and has spent way too long in the hospital. I am happy to see you have so many friends looking after you, Frank!… My buddy Jeff Givens has started a GoFundMe campaign for Donnie Chartier, who was banged up in a motorcycle accident June 23. Many of you know Donnie from DC Imagery; he was hurt, as was a lot of his photography equipment, so if you’re feeling flush this month, feel free to throw in a couple bucks to help him out… Gus Nava and Danielle Cole, so sorry to hear of your disaster. Losing everything you own to a fire is so tough to come back from. Possessions are replaceable, family photos, not so much. For anyone that wants to help Aimee Lair has started a GoFundMe account to help out. If you’re thinking about donating any household items to charity, these guys can sure use your help. They need anything and everything—from a refrigerator, a stove and bedding, to clothing to plates and silverware. I can’t imagine what you guys are going through—it’s gotta be tough!… Chris Mooney, hope this finds you on the way to healing. I know it’s been a long healing since you fell off that ladder. All your friends are wishing you a speedier recovery… July was a sad month for both me and quite a few of our motorcycling friends. Condolences go out to all the family at Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson on the loss of Dana Martin. She was such a great, sweet woman and I know she will be missed… Condolences also to the family and friends of Don Remai. Between Loma Linda H.O.G. and the CREW, I know he had many who loved him. I’m so sorry for your loss, Margie… That’s it for this month; sure hope September ends on a tad more cheerful note. Until then, enjoy your ride!


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