At last, now that it’s December, fall has arrived—I seriously never thought it would happen. So far the weather for my favorite fall rides is holding. I’ve had great weather for the November rides and am looking forward to catching up with the friends I only see once a year at the toy runs and bike shows this month. And on that note, you guys all know how to find your favorite toy runs—just go to and follow the links to the Calendar and your area. I am only mentioning a few to you because of calls and requests to help get the word out… Starting with my friend-in-motorcycling, Flagman Frank Waldrop is looking for volunteers to help out at the 7th annual Roque-N-Lifestyle Toy Run on December 1. As of this writing, he was still looking for vendors to attend the event. Frank says to give him a call at 714.745.0948 and to be sure to tell you folks that spaces are limited to first come, first serve. Booth fee is only $25 and a raffle prize. This looks like it’ll be a fun event with three live bands—Hurrakane, The Anonymous and Elektra—lined up to play. Admission is one unwrapped new toy and $10 with sign-in at the Roque Center at 8:00 a.m. They’re located at 9842 13th Street in Garden Grove—kickstands up at 9:30 and don’t be late (like I always am!)… Last chance to remind you that the ABATE 1 and Glendale H-D Skid Row Toy Run is on December 9. Destination is, as always, the Fred Jordan Mission. This is a sweet ride, because you get to see the kids that the toys go to. It’s just the ticket to get you in the holiday mood. Thanks for the reminder, Steve Broughton!… You can also catch me at the Pomona Valley H.O.G. ABATE 19 Toy Run at the Ontario Elks Lodge on December 2. This is always a fun ride and I’m looking forward to it!… Valley V-Twin’s Halle Fetty says they’ll be back open on Sundays starting December 2. Their monthly I Dunno Ride is on November 30… Brad Wilson’s camp sent me an e-mail announcing their New Year’s Eve gig at the D’Anbino Winery and Cellars in Paso Robles. Brad promises that it’s going to be a great party (in fact, he says the best party in Central Cali) with “smoking hot dance tunes” good food and lots of fun. That’s on Monday the 31st, and the Friday just before he’ll be at the Black Oak Casino up in Tuolumne. He’s got violinist extraordinaire Dave Holob lined up to join him and says it’s a great place to hear their new album, Blues Magic, which should be coming out by the time you read this… I often get e-mails from Motorcycle Marc about his Adventures, which are fairly entertaining. In addition to riding and telling everyone about it, he sells insurance for a living. For those of you with custom bikes (or anything else), if you’re looking for insurance, check him out at He’s also the guy that told me there are more bike-versus-deer accidents October through December than any other time of year. So if you’re riding in an area that might fit the deer-hitting bill, pay attention to this bit of info he sent to me: Look for deer just before and after sunrise—pay special attention for deer on the roadways, and pay attention to the “Deer Crossing” signs. These areas are known high-volume deer habitats. Put your high beam headlight on to get more peripheral vision at night. Use your horn to get the attention of deer and scare them away. Wake up deer by blinking your headlights—yes, the “deer in the headlights” saying is true. Break their trance by going from low to high beam… And on the subject of deer crossing, Terry Wallgren sent a link to me, and for a few minutes of absolute entertainment, give a listen to “Please Move the Deer Crossing” on YouTube. If I could get past the hilarity I’d be embarrassed for her, but its just too fun… Congrats to fellow wrecker Jeff “Rev Leroy” Wilson from ABC Auto Parts up in San Francisco on actually having both his bikes up and running!… You know how you’re at work and you’ve gotten tired of all the fast food anywhere within close driving distance? I bring my lunch fairly often, but recently a biker dude named Roger has been stopping by on his Harley with lunch in saddlebags. I have no doubt it’s not sanctioned by any county agency, but his wife makes a dang fine sandwich and the price for a delivered sandwich or bowl of chili is very reasonable. So thanks, Roger!… Also, many thanks to Dan and Patty Moon of Downtown Cycles in Fontana for their help on my October Scavenger Hunt for the CREW. You were a fun stop and my buddies enjoyed your historic shop and the free keychains!… Happy Birthday wishes go out to Janice Post, one of the super Valley V-Twin employees! Jeff Mercer, Don Singleton and Penny DeRoo all share their December birthdays with me. Also celebrating a birthday this month is Denise Goolsby, reporter for the Desert Sun newspaper—her award-winning articles on veterans are great! Chris Garcia, Lance Hamilton, David Hill and Luis Martinez are having December birthdays, and George and Halle’s daughter, Lexie Fetty, turns 23! The CREW’s Kathy Concodine has a special day on December 8, Wes Brooks, December 13 and Carleen Cuevas on December 31. Happy birthday to all of you! And sorry I missed your birthday last month, Richard Bush of the CREW!… Glad to hear Terry Redmond is recovering after her accident and emergency hip surgery. So sorry you had to have that mess up your holidays, honey!… My condolences to Jim Smythe and your family on the loss of your brother. This, so soon after losing Allyson, is just tragic. I’m very sorry for your loss… Enjoy your holiday shopping. For you girls, don’t dilly-dally in your car, catching up on e-mail or texts in the mall parking lots. Sheriff friend Larry Jarvis tells me you’re prime targets for carjacking and robbery. He says to be aware of your surroundings and if anyone is following you out to your car, turn around and go back to the mall and find a security guard (better to feel silly than sorry!). If you’re like me and try to shop small, on the bike, we don’t really have a choice in the time it takes to get our stuff together, between helmet donning and saddlebag packing. Not saying we’re not the target audience of car-jackers, just figure they’ll have a tougher time grabbin’ a Harley than a car, much less forcing you to go anywhere with them! That’s all I have room for this month. As always, you know the routine—send me your stuff! Great businesses, rides, friends who need a kind word, birthdays, anniversaries—you name it; I’m here for ya! Enjoy your ride and have a safe, fun holiday. See you all next year!



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