I’m officially kicking off summer! I have my Hollywood Bowl season tickets, I have picnics planned, and I’ve lined up my summer music and free stuff! My big expenditure of the summer is the Bowl, but the rest is freeeee! So much to do, it’s hard to choose, but as always, I’ll be sharing what I get with you guys! This one sounds super fun! Check out 626 Nights on Friday and Saturday nights until super late at Santa Anita Racetrack at the front Paddock Gardens (285 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia). This sounds like a fun market, complete with over 150 Asian street food and booze peddlers, live music, artists, films and games and runs the gamut until 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday (and midnight on Sunday), June 30–September 3. Sounds like a perfect bike ride away, doesn’t it?… Or what about this one? Hi! Highland Park—Thursday nights are free! 8:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. The Collective Arts Incubator will be bringing you great comics from around the country. Head into Highland Park and have some laughs—for free!… June isn’t just about anniversaries, although I do have a couple: Happy 21st Anniversary to George and Halle Fetty on June 25!… Congrats to Bob Ewing and JoAnne Oliver on your second anniversary!… Nice meeting up with a few new CREW members; Arturo Conforte and Marla Castillon, nice chatting! Sandra and Boris Herrera, nice of you to join us too! And new to me, Val and Al Navarro. Welcome each of you! I’ve got some birthdays to celebrate too. So let’s kick them off! First, I want to send belated birthday wishes to Dale Kruger, who I missed last month. I have no idea how you became 80—my God, you sure don’t look it! Happiest of birthdays to ABATE 19’s Pete Negrete. And also from ABATE 19 are Sam Peterson who actually celebrates her birthday on the second day of July, but I really don’t want to forget her. Mike Gott, one of my oldest friends in bikerdom, hope your day is great! Thanks for keeping me company playing Words With Friends!… Mike Benedict, not sure if you follow this column, but happy birthday to you and One Source! Happy birthday to my favorite bride’s daughter Julie Anderson. Thanks for giving birth to the cutest baby ever! I love the heck out of all those laughing baby shots! LaMar Elliott, hope you’re planning a fun birthday. Same for Yvonna Rodriguez. And Lena Eylicio, you have a good day. Happiest of birthdays to Jet Bland. Same goes for Rich Frazer. Frank Gillette, keep rocking those birthdays! Miss Patti Wright, hoping your birthday is fun this year. Tuck Broich, spend your special day having a great time. Linda Ludington, have lots of fun on this birthday too. Sean Lynch—you got Valley V-Twin’s Halle’s career in radio started and I know she appreciates it a bunch, so hope your birthday is extra special. For a few out-of-towner birthdays Celina Humphrey and her husband George recently moved to Texas, but I’m sure it’ll still be a fun day. Trish O’Shea, hope your San Diego birthday is fun. They sure miss you at Valley V-Twin! Amber Myers moved her family to Quartzite, where she is still celebrating her birthdays! And last, the United States Army is celebrating their 242nd birthday in June, so be sure to join in wishing your Army pals a happy birthday… Sending healing prayers to Frank Seronello (hit on his bike by a cager who ran a red light—bike is totaled; he’s doing OK, thank goodness). Continued healing prayers for VVT family member Doug Whaley who is recovering from an ass-kicking bout of pneumonia… Susie and Larry Jarvis, Kyle and Trevor, my heart goes out to you on the loss of your son, brother and dad, Nick. My condolences to you and your extended family… That’s it for me this month. You know the routine—did I forget you? Your birthday? Someone special who needs a little extra something? Send me the details (yep, that’s how I got my name!) Hazyondetails@aol.com. Don’t forget your dad on Father’s Day June 14 and Ride to Work Day is June 19. See you all next month—until then—enjoy your ride!


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