It’s been a delightfully wet winter so far. And, while I’m well aware it’s not conducive to riding, my garden sure loves it, as does my business, which, sadly, depends on stupid drivers to keep us supplied with fresh-wrecked cars. I love the wrecking biz; I’ve done it for so many years, it’s hard to remember any other way of life. It’s never the same two days in a row—maybe the same customers, with some new ones thrown at you every day, but never the same order, never the same ol’, same ol’. And it’s very entertaining. How can you top, “What kind of Porsche is it, ma’am?” with the little old lady’s reply of “Oh, my nephew’s little red one.” Seriously, none of you guys get entertained on the job like I do! But I digress; we were chatting about motorcycles, weren’t we? We’ve still gotten some riding in—even had several weekends in the 70s already, which is darn near perfection for riding. Cool event happening on March 5 in Phoenix—Riding for the Long Haul. Looks like some fun riding. They have a Facebook page if you want to read up on it… Hopefully a lot of you caught the Grand National Roadster Show right at the end of January; it was sure worth the entrance fee! Also, hope many of you took advantage of Harley-Davidson’s Demo Days across the state. I know a couple of friends managed to score a new bike; not sure if it was due to the Demo Days or not. Scott Jones, that is one pretty, black ride! And Larry Jarvis, loving that burgundy one, too! Both gorgeous new toys; I know you will enjoy retirement all the more because of them. Jeff Givens, I know yours isn’t brand new—but it is to you! So, enjoy both of your new rides. That green one is a mighty pretty paint job! Before I get caught up in things, I also wanted to give a huge thanks to Jim Farrand for once again opening up his warehouse to the members of the CREW for their annual banquet. We sure had a great time—thanks to Rick Brogden, his honey Rhonda, his co-chair Georja Cockrell (who planned the whole thing while going through chemo—that is one tough lady!) and last, thanks to Helen White who made the tables pretty dang cool! While thanking folks, I also wanted to say thanks to my fine friends at THUNDER PRESS for picking the winner of my Scavenger Hunt. They did it strictly by the photos I sent to them; I had nothing to do with the choosing. So congrats to my winning team: Susie and Larry Jarvis, Rick and Rhonda Brogden, Jackie Ray and Paul Domingue, Ted Imser, Jim Vargo, Maricruz Trevinol and Bill Balas. Great photo, you guys—who else would think the winning photo would be a bunch of folks leaning up against a Redlands dumpster? Brilliant!… Got a fair amount of birthday happenings this month, too. Happiest of birthdays to Ms. Jackie Ray! Hope you and Paul celebrate in style. Crystal Brooks, hope your day is a blessed one and congrats on your lovely new home! Susie Jarvis, hope your March 11 is awesome, honey—you deserve the best! Is this correct? I show Larry Jarvis’s Birthday is also in March? True? If so, make it a great one, Larry! And thank you so much for your help on the awards plaque last month—it turned out great, didn’t it? CREW member Kathy Moldenhaur, have a great day! And for one of my favorite Ladies of CREW, Christine Vanyo, I hope your day is outstanding! I know you and that dang cute grandbaby, Charlie, will do something special. Same goes for Denise Goyette; I know that Emy and the grandkids will make sure you have a sweet day, also! Anita Aguirre, hope you and Gabe do something fun on your birthday! Steve Aguilar, hope you have a fun day. Patrick Matthews, hope your birthday is a good one! And Sam DiMatteo—you have a fun birthday! Brian Welsh, formerly of Valley V-Twin, have a good birthday and best wishes for your new endeavor. Sharlene Cross—you have an awesome birthday! Julie Pizzitola, who works her butt off for the American Cancer Society and runs the Relays for Life—you have a great March birthday. Same for Lee Chandrasena, owner of Palm Springs Motorsports! Same goes to Ron Mazet! And TJ Gorence, hope your day is a boatload of fun! Alaina Majiros, here’s wishing you the best! And Tami Low, have a great day! John Ewing, hope your birthday is a good one. Todd Marker—owner of Marker Broadcasting—hope you have a great birthday! Not exactly in my area, but Stoney Cox of Texas, Sandra Simmons of Sydney, Australia, hope you guys have fun birthdays! And Sandra, sending you healing thoughts during your battle… CJ and Raylene Massoudi, hope your birthdays and anniversary are great! Deborah Mennig is also celebrating her March anniversary too; hope it’s lovely, although after that fall into the woodpile… Allison Woods, congrats to you and Dave on having So Cal Motorcycle Training selected out of over 120 sites throughout California to win the Total Control/CMSP 2016 Site of the Year award! Jodi Richards, congrats on your retirement! Saralyn Delk—hope your knee replacement heals quickly so you can get back on the Purple People Eater. Sending healing thoughts to your husband John, too… Get well wishes to Tom Lucero; hope this finds you on your way to recovery after your recent accident… Condolences to Jay and the Vondron family. We all loved Cookie and she will be missed… That’s it for this month. Just a reminder, March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day—so get out there and support your mom and pop motorcycle shops! Also, this month has Vietnam Veterans Day—March 29. I know many of you are Vietnam vets; I know my honey is. Know that you have a grateful nation—I know it didn’t seem so then! St. Patrick’s Day is March 17; please—keep the shiny side up, folks. Don’t take that green beer too seriously while you’re riding—I want to see you all here next month! Here’s my rule: one drink per wheel for the duration of the event (well, unless it’s an all-day-er, then all bets are off!). Enjoy your ride and see you next month.


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