September’s a quirky month—in theory everyone’s returned from their summer vacations and back down to serious work. Kids are back in school, summer’s over, Costco introduces Christmas (shudder) and Halloween’s a’comin. However, for me, it’s another couple months of yucky summer heat and the welcome back to horrible fall commuter traffic (summer traffic is so much better!) My summer music is winding down (my last Hollywood Bowl is September 14.) But! I do have my own fall vacation still to look forward to. I wait till everyone else’s summer vacations are over and then, take my own. This year, I’m looking forward to a week at the Russian River!… Hope all my friends had a great time at Sturgis, thanks for the Facebook updates on your great rides! Although, I must admit Paul Domingue and Scott Jones were a little skimpy on their posts. Joanne and Bob Ewing were a little more forthcoming with theirs!… I’ve already gotten my first e-mail from Honda Ray with his date for the Totally Kids Ride on November 12, so wanted to let you know now to get that marked onto your calendars. You guys all know how I feel about the Totally Kids Ride—it’s the no pin, no T-shirt, no lunch ride. Just follow the published list, which I’ll bring to you next month. This is an absolutely no frills ride! It’s all about the kids and what we can collect for them! So, thanks Ray!… Both Jeff Givens and Scott Jones have reminded me to give a little shout-out to the Shoot, Loot & Scoot Ride kicking off from Quaid Loma Linda Harley-Davidson on October 14. Seriously, what other motorcycle ride do you get to shoot clay pigeons, bowl, and toss horseshoes? This benefits the Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda. Also, a note from Jeff Givens to mark your calendars for the Rockabilly Extravaganza on November 25… I’ve got quite a few of those New Year’s birthday babies this month, so let’s kick it off with an old friend from Pomona Valley H.O.G.Carole Allen Tucholski—Happy birthday honey! Sure miss seeing you here. Also, a friend from PV H.O.G. is Chuck Dozer who has migrated to Hawaii with his wife Patty. Hope your birthday is great Chuck! Mark Farber, hope Tammy’s planning something super for your birthday. And Anita Aguirre, I know you and Gabe will be doing something special to celebrate Gabe’s birthday. Ken Ammerman, wishing you a fun birthday! Dave Warren up in Bakersfield, hope your day is filled with a great ride. Erik Duthie, hope your birthday is lots of good times! Happy birthday to Bevery Thaxton too. Robbie Robertson, you have a good day. Kelly Broich, wishing a very special birthday! Same goes for Chris Mooney. Wishing Patrick Smith a great birthday this year. And Wayne Block, hoping your birthday is lots of great times. Connie Downing (Valley V-Twin’s own Ron Downing’s wifey), hope you have an especially sweet birthday this go-around. Frank Teran, you have a cool birthday too. Hope Jennifer Amaya’s planning a fun birthday. And Dr. Shawn Allen—hope your birthday is super special—all your patients hope so too! Joe Knotts, you have a good birthday too. Leith Chandrasena, who owns Palm Springs Motorsports, you have the best day you can! George and Halle Fetty’s dear son-in-law is having a September birthday too, so Steven Estudillo, hope it’s the best ever. Roberto Raygada, from Bert’s Mega Mall, have a super birthday! Happy anniversary to Mike and Marcia Reich September 18, hope your day is something special!… As always, nice to say hi to a few friends I hear from every once in a while. Dean Griep up in Nor Cal LKQ, you are too funny my friend! And nice to hear back from Craig Denbow, turns out he’s in Utah now. Halle Fetty, hope September finds you feeling a little better, honey! Emy and Denise Goyette, hope your move to Utah goes smooth, but your friends here will sure miss you!… September 15 is POW/MIA Recognition day. And the 17th is Thank a Police Officer day. That’s about it for this month’s column, but keep in mind, always happy to give your favorite biker haunts a little free publicity, so be sure to send me your good stuff! Got a birthday or anniversary coming up? Send ’em along my way too. So, until October, that’s all for me folks—enjoy your ride!


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