The Michigan House has passed legislation to increase motorcycle endorsements and registrations fees. The endorsement fee is increased to $16.00, the renewal fee was increased to $7.00. Yearly plate renewals also increased to $25.00. The bill was sponsored by (R) Rep. Jim Tedder of Clarkston, and the monies will create the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Fund, to be used in education drivers through various campaigns… Retirement just got a little nicer for Jeffrey L. Davis when he won a Sportster Roadster at Fink’s Harley-Davidson in Zanesville, Ohio. The raffle raised money during their Veterans Appreciation Weekend, and will go to Flags of Honor, National Honor Flight, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Jeffrey said he just bought the tickets to support the veterans, but now that he won a motorcycle and has a lot of free time on his hands, he is going to rack up some miles… When Haley Dellaneva of Fargo, North Dakota was in 4th grade she noticed some of her classmate couldn’t pay for milk while in school. She decided a motorcycle run would work. Now a sophomore in high school the 6th annual Haley’s Milk Run drew over 160 motorcycles this year, and one person donated $2,500. The goal is $30,000 and will be used to keep milk on the table for kindergarten through 5th graders in the surrounding school districts… Drew Steensland of Mansfield, Ohio, is only 13 years old, but he is already the president and founder of Motore-cycling; he sells used motorcycle parts. Drew first started a vending business, but when he joined the Young Entrepreneurs Association he decided to pursue his passion, which is motorcycles. He takes older 70s and 80s motorcycles, parts them out and sells them on eBay. Best of luck to you Drew… A group of motorcycle riders in South Bend, Indiana, came together to fulfill Jon Stanley’s final wish of hearing the roar of a Harley one last time. Stanley. a vet, an avid biker, and ABATE member in Indiana found out shortly after purchasing his new bagger that he had lung and brain cancer. He only rode his bagger three times. With the help of brother-in-law Michael Smith, Matt Hampton, and David Thompson an alert went up on Facebook for a meet and ride to Stanley’s home on June 12. Over 100 motorcycles showed up and rode to his house. Jon was brought outside and put into a sidecar, the roaring of the engines turned into music for Jon Stanley. With his wish fulfilled, Jon Stanley passed away that very evening. Ride free brother Jon, forever in the wind… Savanna, Illinois, pop. 3,000 is located along the edge of the Mississippi River on Route 84, but it is home to the biggest biker bar in the state. Poopy’s Pub has five bars scattered all over the property indoors and outdoors. From bike nights to poker runs, and benefit runs they do it all. The name you ask? When owner Kevin Promenschenkel was playing youth ball one day years ago, a bird flew over and dropped on him not once but twice in one day. Everyone started calling him Poopy; kids, teachers, even his drill sergeant in the army. Starting out as a motorcycle parts retail shop 17 years ago, and adding a tattoo parlor, then a biker burger joint, it grew to 10 acres of fun, fun, fun… That’s it for this month; it’s all about you the Midwest biker. Ride fast, but ride safe.


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