Welcome to the family, Black Magic Harley-Davidson in Williston, North Dakota. Bill and Brenda Houim added Black Magic as the sister store to their Magic City H-D dealership in Minot. Pat Schmaltz is the new general manager for the Houims. The grand opening was June 17-18 with a party including food, demo rides, music and bike shows. All proceeds from the event were donated to Bikers Against Child AbuseDoug Castle of Winchester, Indiana, had the perfect scam going by stealing over $353,000 worth of Harley-Davidson parts and accessories and selling them on eBay. He started out small stealing jewelry and clothing and putting them down his pants and stealing from the shipping company he worked for. He expanded his business by creating shipping labels and having larger items shipped to his house and selling the parts as a legitimate retailer for Harley parts for about 18 months. Now he is spending a year in prison, has been ordered to repay the money, and will undergo one year of supervised release for theft of Interstate shipments… Delores Paasch’s code opened the box that held the keys to her brand new Harley Street 750, and Pete Pittel’s code opened the box that held the keys to his new Harley 883 Iron in the Hog Wild Summer promotion sponsored by Apol’s Harley-Davidson and local radio stations KXRA, KX92 and Z99 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Congratulations to both winners!… Jerry Daye was out for a ride with his group the “Good Guys Scooter Life” in St. Paul, Minnesota, when he heard a scream and stopped. People were screaming and pointing at a guy running down the street. Without knowing what was going on he gave chase to the runner. Jerry tackled the guy (Jerry Wesley Sanford) and put him in a full nelson to subdue him. They found a kitchen knife by a sewer grate, and then heard it was a domestic assault; a woman had been stabbed in the arm inside her SUV, severing an artery. The victim has met with Daye and the group to thank them for getting involved… It was 3:20 a.m. when a Brunswick Hills, Ohio, patrol officer spotted a motorcycle in a ditch on Sleepy Hollow Road. It appeared the motorcycle went into the ditch and got stuck trying to get out. The bike’s hazard lights were on but no driver was in sight out there on Sleepy Hollow Road. Paperwork found on the motorcycle said it was a rental from Rubber City Harley-Davidson in Akron and the man lived out on Sleepy Hollow Road. Police tried to contact the man by phone but couldn’t get any answer—sleeping? The motorcycle was towed from old Sleepy Hollow Road, and I am sure the rider was somewhere out there sleeping it off on Sleepy Hollow Road, or scared shitless to answer the phone at 3:20 a.m… H.O.G. Northern Chapter #2360 in Traverse City, Michigan, held their 24th annual Father Fred Ride, sponsored by Classic Motorsports. Over 150 motorcycles made their way up and around the beautiful wine region of the Mission Point Peninsula to raise money for the Father Fred Foundation. The foundation was started by Father Fred (1925–2000) in 1989, and provides food, clothing, goods and financial assistance in the five county communities in Michigan’s North Western area.

That’s it for this month; it’s all about you, the Midwest biker. Ride fast, but ride safe. And stay away from Sleepy Hollow Road.


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