It was 107 degrees a week ago, a new record high for Texas during the month of June. When the temperatures “tumbled” down to 94, it felt like an early fall. Despite being a native Southerner and having lived in Texas a majority of my life, summers always surprise me. Anyone moving here for the first time, when you bitch about the heat, I truly understand and you have my total sympathy. Enough whining; time for the news. I forgot to mention a mishap that occurred during the Iron Cylinders Run when all those cool antiques took off from MC Creations in NW Houston and took a 70-mile ride to Yankees Tavern in Carlos on Memorial Day Sunday. Seems that Jeff, the son to MC Creations shop owner Greg Hale, had a tumble during the ride while aboard Dad’s bagger. From all accounts, Jeff is doing fine, but that FLH is gonna need more than a little JB Weld to get back on the road. But that’s OK; bikes we can fix. Children are much harder to mend… June 15 marked the 18th anniversary of the founding of a Texas icon, Desperado Motorcycles. Started about the same time as Big Dog and shortly before American IronHorse, it was established for the same reasons—the nonavailability of Harley-Davidsons. When owner Jeff Nicklus went to the dealership to pick up his new bike he’d ordered, it wasn’t in the color he had requested. They basically told him there were plenty of people willing to buy the bike if he didn’t want it. A mechanical engineer and ex-Vietnam pilot badass, Nicklus pondered the situation for about two weeks before forming Desperado. And he has outlasted both Big Dog and AIH. Kudos to you, Jeff—a job well done with many satisfied customers across the globe (yep, he ships to overseas customers) and those still on the waiting list. We are eagerly waiting that 20-year mark and the huge party that will most certainly be on tap… While Jeff was celebrating his 18-year anniversary at the ROT rally in Austin, absent at the event was noted builder Rick Fairless with his Strokers Dallas entourage. Seems Rick had a tiff with ROT and staged an impromptu event of his own, the Not ROT rally at his compound in Dallas the same weekend. Attendance was high for Not ROT for those wanting to stay local and support the home team… On another Fairless note, while watching the Food Network the other night, I saw an edition of Mystery Diners titled “Boss Hog.” The program consisted of Fairless being determined to find out which workers might be ripping him off (to the tune of 12 grand!) and, after the TV series installed multiple cameras for surveillance, two employees, a waitress and mechanic were terminated. But it had a happy ending. Rick’s mom, known as Maw, was convinced to return to the establishment until things were brought back under control. I love that woman, her gravelly voice and take-no-prisoners attitude… Got word from GOE Harley-Davidson that they will now be open seven days a week. Starting June 24, this well-respected shop in Angleton will also have its doors open on Monday (previously the only day off for the crew) so that all your needs will be catered to. Go to for hours of business since they do vary day to day… The 2nd annual Amarillo Bike Fest was held June 28-29, drawing more than 1,000 riders from around the Panhandle. The participants began arriving early on that Friday morning at Western Cowpunchers to vie for campsites and register for Saturday’s ride. The run the next day looped south through the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon and included sections of Historic Route 66. After finishing the ride, participants were treated to a bike show and bike games along with live music by Kracker Jack the Band, and Street Survivor, a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band… And don’t forget that the first Sunday of each month, our good friends up at A Bikers Garage in Roanoke are still holding Run to the Rock that includes prizes, music and good food. And some of the prizes are great including oil changes and free motorcycle rentals. Check them out at for all the pertinent details… So that’s it for this month. Remember to drink plenty of water while on the road and save the adult refreshments until you are back home, the bike is parked and you don’t have to battle dehydration. Ride safe, ride sane and check back in next month.


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