Shadow, I was just reading in Thunder Press about your GPS problems. Have you got the answer you need yet? I have been using a Garmin 660 from Harley that gives all the Harley dealers, and I just love it. When I want to create a route to get somewhere, I use Garmin BaseCamp and create the route and then download it to the GPS. It has been working really well for me. You probably don’t remember meeting me at Sturgis in 2014. You were walking through the Full Throttle saloon area and I called out to you and you stopped by and talked for a little while.
For that Sturgis trip, I led 11 bikes and 13 people including my son, who had an awesome time; it was the first long trip we took together. He has been riding sport bikes and I finally talked him into getting a Harley a few years ago. While on our Sturgis trip, we visited Black Hills Harley-Davidson and while he got a family tree tattoo there, I was able to check out all the venders. I took our group to a lot places using the Garmin 660 and the routes were pre-loaded using BaseCamp.
I know on these outings you meet a lot of people. I enjoy your stories. I was excited to meet you after reading your articles. I admire all the hard work you do and I’ve got to admit you probably ride in weather I do not venture out in anymore. You visit a lot of exciting places on the east coast. I also would like to meet Felicia Morgan someday. When I first saw her article in Thunder Press I had to do a double take because my nephew’s ex-wife’s name is Felicia Morgan. I read Thunder Press cover to cover and have read about places I do put on my list to visit. Take care; hope to see you down the road.
—Allen Schoessow

Allen, I have the 665 which is just like the 660 except mine has XM/Sirius which, of course, I’ve never used. For the custom route function, I use an online service called, which works pretty well except for the problem I described in my column, that of the GPS not following the route I created and instead striking out on its own. You’re the second person that has mentioned BaseCamp to me. I did try it but it seemed rather tedious and not particularly user-friendly, but I’ll give it another shot. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you for the compliments for Felicia and me, and on Thunder Press in general. Chances are that both Felicia and I will be at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, so let me know if you plan to go to Sturgis again, and maybe we can meet up somewhere!



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