A camp chair is an awfully handy thing to be able to pack on a bike, and it’s even handier if it actually stores in a saddlebag rather than having to be bungeed across a luggage rack. The Kermit Chair does that. But that’s just one of its many attractive features. Most attractive of all is the construction of the chair itself, which is beautifully hand crafted from fine hardwoods, and then double-dipped in marine-grade polyurethane giving it the appearance of fine furniture—or at least as fine a furniture as you’re ever likely to encounter around a campfire or on the grounds of an outdoor event.

In addition to the hardwood structural components, the Kermit Chair uses aluminum and stainless steel hardware as well as 600 denier nylon fabric for the seating area, providing for extreme durability.

The Kermit is manufactured entirely in the U.S., and weighs less, supports more weight, and packs down smaller than the comparable foreign-made collapsibles we’re all so familiar with. Those advantages do come at a premium price, which is to be expected—you get what you pay for—and also require some sweat equity in assembling the seat. The Kermit’s cross braces and curved seat spreader supports are separate pieces that need to be snapped into place once the chair is removed from its tote sack. The first time you perform that operation is somewhat tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s literally a snap.

Once assembled, the Kermit provides a sturdy seating platform that’s 19 inches in width—about the same as an airline coach seat—and has a 12-inch height off the ground. For those desiring a higher perch, leg extensions that raise the seat to 17 inches are offered as an option.

In use, this chair is super comfortable and ruggedly handsome and will add a touch of class to any campsite. And best of all, a pair of Kermit Chairs will fit easily into a single stock FLH hard bag with room to spare for additional small items of gear.

17″ extensions $35
30-day money-back policy
5-year limited warranty—5-day repair lead time


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