Black & Diamond Accessories

Covington Customs

Dash Insert: $169.95
Gas Door: $189.95
Axel Covers: $65.95

When the idea was first hatched to spruce up the 2004 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard, vows of practicality were made. We’d have a budget; we’d stay within the budget. Blah, blah, blah.

The fact is that, after slogging some 80,000 miles over many U.S. states and some of Mexico, the “Geezer Glide” was due—no, make that deserved—some very unpractical, if budget-busting, bling-bling. Enter Covington Custom’s line of unique CNC-machined billet aluminum “Black and Diamond Cut” accessories for baggers. Without even putting a test toe in the water, we dove right in.

Sure, we knew the Covington goodies were on the spendy side, but we had every reason to believe that the quality would match the price tags. That’s because Jerry Covington, the main man behind the double C logo, is a custom bike builder of no small repute. Nor is he—despite his many appearances on cable television’s biker-centric shows like the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off or Corbin’s Ride On series—just another media-friendly face.

Buildingbikes since the 1970s, Jerry knows his way around a TIG welder (and just about any other tool in the shop). In 1993 he opened Covington’s Cycle City in Woodward, Oklahoma. He continues to build full-on custom bikes and also has a full line of parts to upgrade just about anybody’s bike.

Having always loathed the Glide’s cheesy vinyl H-D dash panel, we knew that had to go in place of Covington’s snazzy billet panel. And, although it comes in plain black or chrome at a much lower price, we grabbed for the black panel with the raised “diamond cut” ridges. It just looked bad and that was good.

Putting it on, however, required removing the Glide’s raised chrome dash housing. Then, using the paper template that Covington provided, we had to drill two holes in the housing and then bolt the new dash panel in place (we used red Loctite). Because this install involved messing with the rubber neck around the throat of the gas tank, we asked for help from JP and the crew at My Evil Twin Choppers in Lodi. They did a bang-up job.

Putting the matching gas door in place took only a couple of minutes and can be done by anyone who can operate a screwdriver. Ditto for front axle covers (blue Loctite here). Covington has many other items—stuff like derby cover inserts and oil cap covers—that match the rough but very cool black and diamond cut motif.


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