There’s no denying the beefy good looks of the new PowrFlo and Tri-Flo Slip-on Mufflers for Harley-Davidson baggers, but the real beauty lies within. That’s where the engineers at Cobra have employed the latest and greatest in advanced—and proprietary—materials to manage acoustical and thermal properties resulting in a setup that meets contemporary sound standards while improving performance and still issuing a gnarly growl. The PowrFlo slip-ons taper from 4 inches to a 4.5-inch end diameter, giving them a fashionably fat profile, and the Tri-Flo do the same thing, only terminating in a handsome triangular outflow. Both systems are capped with thin-line beveled aluminum tips, and carry a limited lifetime warranty that includes discoloration. The price of either system is $599.95 finished in chrome, and $649.95 in black.

Cobra PowrFlo and Tri-Flo Slip-on Mufflers
Cobra PowrFlo and Tri-Flo Slip-on Mufflers

Cobra: 714.692.8180,


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