Sometimes getting noticed by a distracted driver waiting impatiently at an intersection or executing a turn in front of you, and averting the collision that all too often follows, takes more than a beep of the horn. That’s where the new Lightning Strike auxiliary L.E.D. setup is invaluable. The system consists of a separate pair of super-bright high-intensity L.E.D. arrays mounted on the front of your bike that illuminate with the push of a button—one that’s separate from the stock light switches. The button is mounted in place of the top clutch-side switch module and is used like you’d use the horn button to blast light at any suspect vehicle threatening to encroach on your right of way. The system designed for Harley-Davidsons is offered in either black or chrome and costs $295 and $349, respectively.

Lightning Strike auxiliary L.E.D. setup
Lightning Strike auxiliary L.E.D. setup

Lightning Strike  



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