Corbin has recently revamped an old favorite and now offers their Fire & Ice Dual Touring Saddle for 2014–2017 Indian Chief models, the world’s first production heated and cooled motorcycle seat. Using an application similar to the Peltier Effect along with cooling fans, the Fire & Ice requires no pumps or fluids to achieve the cooling process and can lower the surface temperature of the seat 10–15 degrees below ambient temperature. Sculpted seating platforms are designed to conform to the shape of your body while the company’s Comfort Cell foam provides firm and resilient support. This seat comes with a leather top cover and numerous design options are available at no additional cost. A rigid Fibertech baseplate provides a solid foundation and utilizes rubber bumpers to protect your paint. The Fire & Ice Dual Touring sells for $993 and will function with two Corbin backrests or the company’s Tourbox (sold separately) but not with the Indian OEM sissybar or Roadmaster trunk.

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