Cartridge tube front-end inserts are one of the latest products to take center stage in the motorcycle world. The recently-developed AXEO Front Suspension Kits for the Harley-Davidson Dyna is one of the newest. This kit covers all 2006 to present Dyna models except for the FXDWG and FXDF. This direct replacement install includes two mono-tube, dual-chambered damper cartridges along with internal floating piston nitrogen chambers and machined 303 stainless pre-load adjusters. The product promises to eliminate bottoming out when encountering bumps and potholes, reduce tire cupping and improve floorboard and peg clearance during hard cornering all while enhancing low-speed handling. Designed for standard 49mm models only, this package comes fully charged with Maxima Racing Oil along with an additional quart of oil for future changes and carries a lifetime warranty for $750.

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