Hot Toppers

Hot Toppers Inc.

Kit HTDSPC: $343

It’s the easiest install around and not only will these little jewels provide sparkle for your favorite girl, but they’ll protect her from the elements as well. They’re Hot Toppers, chrome bolt covers that slip on easily and stay put with their special friction fit design. We picked up a set for the Thunder Press XL and broke out the toolbox.

Hot Toppers are sold in kits, partial or full-bike, and are available for most Harley-Davidson models, Buells, and a few other select models. Ours is the Complete Evolution kit for 883 or 1200 Sportsters 2004 and later. The kit is a dream come true for anyone fond of organization. It consists of a partitioned box filled with the exact number and sizes of Hot Toppers needed to cover every exposed nut and bolt on a particular bike. The Sportster kit contains 187 Toppers in 18 different sizes. A simple instruction sheet outlines where each Topper fits and in most cases it can just be pressed in place over the bolt; a few places require a dab of clear silicone for a secure fit. We put the toolbox away.

Designer Bob Lundquist created Hot Toppers after searching for a solution to a common problem. He’s traveled with show bikes for many years and struggled to keep his chrome bolts rust-free in humid environments. The products that were available didn’t meet his needs—they provided too little protection or would themselves rust and discolor—so he set out to design a better bolt cover. The result is a triple chrome-plated plastic cap that completely encases the head of the bolt. It is easily removable and the chrome is guaranteed not to discolor or peel. For those who walk on the darker side, Bob created skull and black Hot Toppers as well.

It’s a bit of an overstatement to say we installed the Hot Toppers, so we’ll use the term “applied.” Those who can’t name every part on the bike might find it a bit frustrating to decode the instruction sheet, but the company has made installation guides available on their website for the more technically challenged. We thought at first we might just apply the toppers to a few areas, but once we got into the process and realized how much fun we were having and how much these little guys improve the look of the bike, we were hooked and couldn’t stop till we had every one in place. As fun and easy as the process is, it’s also a little time consuming to cover each and every nut and bolt, but it’s a good excuse to get out of the house. If you plan to apply your own Hot Toppers make sure you’ve got the right kit, and pick up some clear silicone from the hardware store, then set aside some quality time to spend with your favorite girl.


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