Photos: Robbie Vestring and RadFlagz

One of my favorite memories from Sturgis this year,” Robbi Vestring told us, “was running my Dyna down the Sturgis dragway and blasting down the mountain twisties with my dad. I took the picture of the Rooke sculpture because he was an inspiration to myself and my cousin at a young age and got us interested in building the style of bikes we wanted.”

Kent and Lisa Prentiss (and friends) on their ride to Sturgis. “Sturgis this year was definitely one to remember,” RadFlagz owners Kent and Lisa told Thunder Press. “While it didn’t quite measure up to a normal anniversary year crowd, the mood was one of freedom and gratitude. We rode through some beautiful scenery in Utah, and once we landed in those Black Hills of South Dakota we rolled up our shirt sleeves for the VTV Harley-Davidson Performance Bike show and did some work at our RadFlagz booth. The people we ride with are family and it was a great Reunion!”

Natalie Kliener (second from left) and Lisa Prentiss (third from left) pictured with friends at the Rally. “This year was chock full of good times with good friends,” RadFlagz noted. “For us, it’s as much about the ride to the destination as it is the destination itself.”

Thunder Press will be publishing stories and photos submitted by readers throughout the month of September to celebrate the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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