With the advent of fuel injection on all late-model Harleys, the days of ripping off a fuel line from your gas tank and filling an empty beer can to aid your thoughtless (and gas-less) riding companion was a part of history. That is until now. The Fuel-Tool is a motorcycle fuel transfer system that is as innovative as it is effortless. It simply inserts between the coupling of any fuel-injected Harley and the bike’s gas line. Once installed, start the donor bike, stretching the delivery line to the crippled motorcycle. Place the feed nozzle into the gas tank filler opening and push the discharge button. While the host bike is running, it acts as a pump delivering one quart of gasoline every 25 seconds. Also an excellent device for draining gas tanks for maintenance and winter storage, the Fuel-Tool is compact enough to stow in any saddlebag. It sells for $99.99.

Fuel Tool, LLC.
Fuel Tool, LLC.

Fuel-Tool, LLC  


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