Fistful of function
Now available exclusively from Rivera Primo is the Grip Ace, a wickedly clever system that puts any and all electrical switch functions literally at your fingertips. Ideal for custom applications, the Grip Ace eliminates conventional switch housings and wiring, replacing them with a smart digital module and four grip-mounted buttons that can be programmed to work individually or in combination to perform a myriad of operations from engine starting to using the horn, turn signals or headlight dimmer—or pretty much anything else electrical. As currently offered, the Grip Ace package includes milling instructions for adapting virtually any hand grip to the task. The price of the Grip Ace is $369.99, and Rivera Primo is currently developing a line of custom grips with the Grip Ace pre-installed. We’ll keep you posted.
Rivera Primo 
Booty scooter
Move over, milk crate, you’re being replaced by the impressive new Tailbone Mechanic’s Stool from Dale Adams Enterprises. This comfy perch is easy on the backside and rolls on gnarly 5-inch casters, making moving around the bike a breeze—even over bumpy floors, power cords or air hoses. Made of durable impact-resistant polymer that’s easily cleaned and unfazed by oil or solvents, the Tailbone sells for $139.95 and has a one-year warranty on the body and a lifetime warranty on the casters.
Dale Adams Enterprises   800.266.3321
Fast rack
Removing the passenger pillion from the contemporary Fat Boy, Heritage Classic or Deluxe Softail models is a snap, and now with the debut of Motherwell Products’ All-in-One Luggage Rack Kit, replacing it with a rakishly functional packing platform is just as simple. The kit includes a 7-inch solo luggage rack, knurled thumbscrew and stock replacement mounting knobs, making the swap virtually a no-tool no-brainer. These kits fit Fat Boys and Deluxes made since 2006, as well as ’09–’10 Heritage Classics. They retail for $125 in either chrome or matte black.
Motherwell Products   877.703.7118
Singular comfort
With the introduction of the Solo-Rider Backrest, Softail loners now have the option of hitting the highway in easy chair comfort—or not. These units are detachable, work with virtually any solo saddle, and are adjustable for ergonomic preference. Constructed of solid steel finished in either chrome or wrinkle-black, they sell for $375.90. They’ll fit on an exhaustive list of Softail models going back to 1984, with model-specific docking hardware sold separately.
Axo Enterprise   626.923.0039
Rumble or roar
Bagger pilots, choose your weapon. With S&S Cycle’s new series of Slip-On Touring Mufflers, you can enhance your performance and sound a bunch with the rowdy Power-Tour mufflers, or subtly with the more sedate and distance-friendly Quiet-Tour option. Outwardly, the 3.5-inch chrome-plated bodies are identical and available with slash-cut ends or with end caps finished in either chrome alloy or the black high-temp Xylan shown here. Prices vary, with the Power-Tours costing $399 for the slash-cut version and $548 with end caps. The Quiet-Tours go for $459 and $580, respectively.
S&S Cycle
Get noticed
The Motor Company’s love affair with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material intensifies with the release of the new Illumination 360° Functional Jacket that stylishly incorporates the Scotchlite into the piping and graphic treatment, providing ultra-visibility in low light from every angle. The shell of the garment is rugged waterproof 600 denier polyester, and there’s removable body armor at the shoulders and elbows. Zippered vents on sleeves and back make for cool running in hot climes, and a removable thermal liner handles the cold snaps. The men’s model shown here retails for $325. A women’s version is available at $250.
Pressure point
The Fender Railz from Radiantz is a flexible strip of bright LEDs that affixes to the leading edge of your front fender to serve as auxiliary running lights and/or turn indicators. The LEDs are housed in your choice of a clear or smoked tube, and attachment is by means of easily-applied automotive-grade double-sided tape. Both white and amber are available, as is a combination of the two that gives you white running lights on the prow and amber turn signals on the sides. The Fender Railz cost $127.85.
Radiantz  877.469.4241
Stylish rumble
The latest addition to Harley-Davidson’s excellent roster of quick-release accessories is this Air Wing Detachable Two-Up Luggage Rack for Touring Models ($229.95). This sleek and lightweight tubular steel platform features a die-cast and engraved “air wing” that adds some bling to your backside and also serves to house the separately-available Air Wing Rack Light Kit ($54.95). The light kit comes with your choice of smoked or red LEDs and functions as a supplemental running/brake light. This setup fits all ’09–’10 Touring models equipped with optional four-point docking hardware, and can be used in combination with the detachable sissy bar/passenger backrest.
Nasty, brutish and short
The aptly-named Short Over-and-Under Exhaust System from Rush Racing Products packs a lot of beef and tech-savvy into a tight package. Fabricated from stout 16-gauge steel and given Rush’s signature inner and outer ceramic coating, this system keeps the heat inside where it improves exhaust gas flow while emitting the lusty exhaust note you’d expect. The full heat shields are likewise made of heavy metal and they’re polished before plating or coating to ensure a flawless finish. The Short system is offered in either chrome with silver ceramic coating for $300.95, or black-on-black for $314.95.
Rush Racing Products   866.994.7874


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